Kik is Back

It looks like Kik hasn’t quite kicked the bucket yet (heh). MediaLab just acquired the popular anonymous chat app and plans to invest in its future, according to a company blog post Friday boasting how “Kik is here to stay!” The app had one foot in the grave ever since its creator and previous owner, Kik Interactive, announced last month it was pulling its plug and pivoting their focus to cryptocurrency. Read More >>

Kik Kills Off Messaging App to Focus on Cryptocurrency Amidst Rising Company Chaos

Kik Interactive plans to shut down its popular messaging app following a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and will instead focus on its cryptocurrency Kin, which is at the centre of the lawsuit. Read More >>

The Best SMS Replacement App

The UK loves SMS. As a nation, we regularly send over ten million texts an hour and SMS is used at all levels of society, far more so than email or voice calls. Things may not always be so rosy for SMS, however. A recent Forbes report shows that SMS usage is falling worldwide. Even the traditional SMS fest on Christmas Day was down from 2010 -- too busy tweeting "Mum and aunty Beatrice are arguing about the gravy again," were we? There are now many apps and services that will let you send short, near-instant messages to your friend's mobiles. Here's our pick of the best: Read More >>