How Hawaii’s Volcanoes Could Help Us Find Life on Saturn’s Icy Moon

Kilauea’s historically huge 2018 eruption didn’t just transform the southeastern corner of Hawaii’s Big Island. Most of the lava wound up spilling into the ocean, creating an enormous new undersea delta that hardy ocean microbes are already colonising. Read More >>

Kilauea’s Recent Eruption Was Its Biggest in Two Centuries, Scientists Confirm

It’s been over three months since fresh lava oozed out of Kilauea volcano, and the eruption that turned southeastern Hawaii into a fiery hellscape has receded from the headlines. But for scientists with the US Geological Survey’s Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO), the story is far from over. Read More >>

The All-Women Team of Scientists That Trekked to the Heart of Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption 

As the eruption at Kilauea volcano turned the southeastern corner of Hawaii’s Big Island into a river of lava this summer, residents and tourists were instructed to stay the hell away. An all-women team of scientists from Britain, however, was asked to do the exact opposite. Read More >>

Hawaii’s National Park Has Re-Opened After the Eruption of a Lifetime

Kilauea volcano in the US state of Hawaii has quieted down considerably since August, and recovery efforts are now in full swing. That includes a major milestone that passed on Saturday, when the US National Park Service (NPS) re-opened parts of the colossal Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which had been closed since shortly after the multi-month eruption began in May. Read More >>

Kilauea’s Eruption Is on Pause—For Now

Three months and countless Olympic swimming pools of lava later, Kilauea seems to have pressed the pause button on its fiery eruption. But it’s too soon to tell if the Hawaiian volcano has chilled out for good. Read More >>

Kilauea Volcano Has Turned This Hawaiian Shore Into an Apocalyptic Wasteland

It’s been over six weeks since lava fissures began erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island, and there’s still no end in sight. New videos taken by the US Geological Survey reveal the dramatic extent to which the encroaching lava has reshaped the surrounding landscape, turning once gorgeous beaches into a smouldering pile of volcanic waste. Read More >>

Hottest, Fastest Lava Yet Prompts Further Evacuations in Hawaii

Residents of two Big Island communities have been advised to evacuate, as fast-moving magma from the Kilauea volcano threatens the few remaining escape routes. “Heed evacuation orders,” warned Hawaii’s mayor, “or you’re on your own.” Read More >>

New Evacuation Plan in Place as Third Kilauea Lava Flow Reaches Ocean

US Marine Corps stationed in Hawaii are now on standby to help with evacuations should lava flows cut off the only remaining escape route from the beleaguered Puna neighbourhood. The latest threat comes as the Big Island enters its fourth week of eruptions, and as a third lava flow reaches the ocean. Read More >>

Eruption of Kilauea Volcano Triggers Mandatory Evacuations on Hawaii’s Big Island

The governor of Hawaii has declared a local state of emergency in the vicinity of the Mount Kilauea volcano following an eruption late yesterday on the state’s Big Island. Dramatic video footage of the eruption showed plumes of magma shooting into the air, while lava poured from a fissure that opened up near a residential area. Read More >>

Hawaii’s Epic Lava ‘Fire Hose’ Has Returned With a Vengeance

Late last week, a cliff collapse extinguished the dramatic lava flow streaming out of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. We have some good news to report, however: It’s back! Some incredible new footage of the hellish gusher shows it’s alive and well. Read More >>

Lava Gushing Into the Ocean Looks Like Delicious Tropical Punch

A month ago, a lava tube on the Hawaiian island of Kilauea was exposed after a large chunk of hardened magma broke off and fell into the ocean. Since then, molten lava has been pouring into the sea like delicious tropical punch from some magical never-ending juice box. Read More >>

Hawaii is Getting Bigger, Fast

Hang onto that property, Hawaiians: in a few hundred years, there’s a chance your slice of paradise will be slightly larger. Geologically speaking, Hawaii is still growing fast, thanks to frequent eruptions from volcanoes like Kilauea, which was caught spewing its molten guts into the ocean last week. Read More >>

Watch Lava Spilling Over a Cliff into the Ocean

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been slowly leaking lava onto the surface around it for over three decades now, but only rarely does that lava reach the island’s cliffs. This week, it finally did—and a photographer caught the whole thing from a boat. Read More >>