Mother-Son Orca Pair Commits Infanticide in Oceanic Shakespearean Drama

A pair of orcas earned their “killer whale” moniker one late autumn day in 2016 by committing the first act of orca infanticide ever captured on film. Read More >>

Everyone Is Saying This Whale Is ‘Talking,’ but It Sounds More Like Farting to Me

There’s a killer whale in France that apparently has a special talent: It sounds like it can mimic human words. That certainly would be impressive and an exciting advancement of human-orca relations, but to my ears, the “words” sound a whole lot like fart noises. Read More >>

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Brutal Drone Footage Shows a Pod of Orcas Attacking a Minke Whale

As apex predators, orcas can prey on whichever marine animal they choose—large or small. During a recent expedition off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, scientists captured rare footage of orcas attacking a 40-foot-long minke whale. Read More >>

Unprecedented Images Show Orcas Hunting and Killing Rare Beaked Whales

Marine biologists working off the coast of Australia have observed orca whales hunting and killing rare beaked whales—a behaviour never before seen in the predatory species. Read More >>

Why Do Humpback Whales Protect Other Species from Killer Whales?

It sounds like something out of a children’s animated film: the whale and the seal, at first put off by their differences, team up and become best friends. It’s like The Fox and the Hound but maybe less depressing? Read More >>

SeaWorld Will Finally Stop Using Killer Whales… After Just a Few More Years of Exploitation

SeaWorld has this morning announced that it’s ended the practice of breeding orcas in captivity. It’ll also stop running its theatrical shows, replacing them with what it calls “natural” encounters with the animals—but only by 2019. Read More >>

SeaWorld Cancels Inhumane Orca Show, Replaces It With New Orca Show About “Conservation”

So there’s good SeaWorld news and bad SeaWorld news. The good SeaWorld news is that, after decades of criticism, the park will phase out its infamous Shamu show next year. The bad SeaWorld news is that the killer whales will just star in a new show. Read More >>

Watch This Documentary and Remember Why SeaWorld Sucks

SeaWorld is back in the news in a big way this week. First, the park announced an ill-timed, controversial expansion. Then, someone finally claimed responsibility for a highly-visible protest against the park back in May which changed the motorway signage to "Sea World SUCKS." Read More >>