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Kim Jong Un Gets New Mean Nickname After Chinese Censors Block Fat Jokes

An attempt at silencing critics of North Korea instead showcased the adaptability of written Chinese when internet users in China found a clever workaround for a banned nickname for Kim Jong Un. Read More >>

North Korea Has Declared War on the US for ‘Declaring War’ on North Korea

Bad news 2016 continues. The people in charge of the mystery world that is North Korea have reportedly described the US’ decision to add Kim Jong-Un’s name to a sanctions blacklist as a “declaration of war”. Read More >>

North Korea Just Conducted its Most Successful Mid-Range Missile Launch Yet

Kim Jong-un has once again reminded everyone that he’s more than just a big toddler with an ahead-of-his-time haircut by reportedly launching a pair of mid-range ballistic missiles off North Korea’s eastern coast. Read More >>

Is this Kim Jong-Un Hanging With North Korea’s Nuke?

The picture above is making the world outside North Korea very uncomfortable indeed. Though it could be a cross between the scary, spinning thing from the X-Files intro and the official Euro 2004 football, experts say the device in front of Kim Jong-un looks like a genuine compact nuclear warhead. Read More >>

Kim Jong-un Readies Nuclear Weapons for Pre-Emptive Strike

North Korean nutter demigod Kim Jong-un has reacted to the UN’s tough stance on nuclear by preparing for all-out nuclear war. He’s reportedly ordered North Korea's nuclear arsenal to be ready for pre-emptive use ‘anytime’, and though nobody outside of the country is entirely sure what sort of weaponry North Korea has at its disposal, everyone’s terrified of the unhinged, gerbil-faced leader and therefore taking his threats very seriously indeed. Read More >>

North Korea Terrifies the World With Successful Thermonuclear Bomb Test Claims

North Korea this morning announced that it had conducted a successful Hydrogen bomb test, which is set to trigger global repercussions. Though the claims are as yet unconfirmed, a blast -- earlier believed to have been a 5.1 magnitude earthquake -- was registered near the North Korean city of Sungjibaegam earlier today. Read More >>

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Kim Jong-Un Just Executed His Defence Chief With an Anti-Aircraft Gun

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un is probably the world's worst boss. If you've found yourself in (the admiteddly locally relatively privileged) position of being in his cabinet, there's no HR team to turn to if he's giving you a hard time. In fact, pretty much all you can turn to is the door leading to the firing squad. Read More >>

Kim Jong-Un May Bring North Korean Restaurant Chain to Scotland

North Korea's ruler could be bringing his favourite restaurant chain to Scotland, as part of an ongoing plan to thaw relations between the oddball regime and parts of the western world that may be sympathetic to its plight. Read More >>

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Watch the Almighty Kim Jong-Un Allegedly Flying a Plane “By Himself”

To celebrate the New Year, the national North Korean television network has broadcasted this footage of the supreme leader flying a plane. According to local media, the almighty Kim Jong-un piloted and landed the aircraft by himself—with the help of his two assistants. All hail Kim! Read More >>

Activists Want to Use Balloons to Airlift The Interview Into North Korea

Last year, an article in The Atlantic magazine introduced us to an activist group run by a former resident of North Korea who now uses balloons to airlift information and technology into into the tightly controlled country. Now, its members want to use their balloons to tote in copies of The Interview, Sony's beleaguered comedy about Kim Jong-un. Read More >>

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Kim Jong-Un Executed His Uncle By Feeding Him to “Cage of Starved Dogs”

We're well aware that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is more than a bit crazy, but if you were under any illusions that he'd avoided inheriting his father's evil streak, this will come as a bit of a shock; Remember his recently-executed uncle? Yeah, he had him fed to dogs. Read More >>

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Kim Jong-un “Very Drunk” When Ordering Executions

In the wake of a string of executions of government officials in North Korea, Japanese Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun is reporting that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered at least two of the executions whilst drunk. Read More >>

7 Bizarrely Fascinating Videos From a North Korean Travel Agency

By now it's pretty well established that most attempts at public outreach by North Korea feel like a real-life uncanny valley, a pastiche of a happy kingdom. Still, it's hard not to feel a renewed sense of simultaneous awe and unease while watching the fascinatingly bizarre YouTube channel of Koryo Tours, a Beijing-based travel agency specialising in trips to North Korea. Read More >>

North Korea Has a Homemade iPad Now

Yes, that's right, North Korea has its own tablet now. Meet the Samjiyon, which is basically an iPad or Nexus 10, with one tiny difference -- it kinda lacks the most important bit, you know, the Internet. Read More >>