Um Kim Kardashian? I Think I Found Your New BlackBerry

Pardon me dear readers. Normally this space is reserved for missives to you, but I am positive you do not care about the BlackBerry KeyOne, a new phone from BlackBerry Mobile. Besides Kim Kardashian, very few people have cared about BlackBerry phones in recent years. That’s why today I’m going to take a moment to reach out to Kim. The girl’s been a wreck since her ancient Bold 9900 died last year, and I really think she needs to know there’s a new, actually kind of excellent, BlackBerry device. Read More >>

What Could Kim Kardashian’s Robbers Learn From Her Social Media Posts?

Kim Kardashian was “bound and gagged” in a Paris hotel on Sunday evening while being held at gunpoint by five armed men dressed as policemen. While the hotel in which she was staying is known for its discretion when hosting celebrities, one has to wonder exactly how the thieves tracked down Kardashian’s exact location. The Kardashians have publicly expressed anxiety that Snapchat could be revealing their locations in the past. Read More >>

Experts: Kanye and Kim Could Both Be Prosecuted Over Taylor Swift Phone Call

Kanye West could face criminal charges over releasing a recording of a phone call he had with Taylor Swift, according to three legal experts who spoke with Gizmodo. Not only that, but West’s wife Kim Kardashian could also face charges for publishing the recording of the phone call on her Snapchat. Read More >>

The Creators of That Drake Colouring Book Now Have a Kim Kardashian Connect-the-Dots

If colouring books were somehow able to make a miraculous comeback in a time when even watches are an entertaining distraction, there’s no reason that connect-the-dots puzzles can’t be popular again too. And there’s no better person than the most-famous Kardashian to help bring connect-the-dots back into the spotlight. Read More >>

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Ads are Under Fire From US Drug Squad

Kim Kardashian has attached her name to a wide variety of different products, including diet pills and Silly Bandz. But her recent promotion of a morning sickness drug on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has landed her into some hot water with America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read More >>

Kim Kardashian Admits to Secret BlackBerry Shame

American celebrity Kim Kardashian has outed herself as a surprise BlackBerry fan, saying she can't relax unless she has a BlackBerry Bold and at least two backup spares easily to hand. But she's got an iPhone for taking the important photos of her interesting life and scientifically impossible bottom. Read More >>

The Internet Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have to Write Thank You Notes

The internet has changed the rules for a lot of things: dating, buying groceries, ordering takeout, etc. to the power of 10. But it hasn't changed basic manners. Meaning, you still have to write thank you notes. Read More >>

Apple Hilariously Called the Gold iPhone 5S ‘The Kardashian Phone’

As Apple was prepping the perfectly glitzy hue of the goldpagne iPhone 5S, the phone was being referred to as "the Kardashian phone" inside Apple according to NY Times reporter Nick Bilton. Yes, that would be the same Kardashian as notorious iPhone auteur Kim and her well manicured yet totally overexposed family. Which means yes, Apple was completely aware of how ridiculous the goldpagne iPhone was going to be. Read More >>

Nobody Wants to Get Married at Eric Schmidt’s House, Because of Kim Kardashian

Eric Schmidt is the owner of a mansion in Montecito, California that's so beautiful and gorgeous that even the rich and famous use it to hold their weddings and parties. But apparently, not anymore. And it's not because Schmitty is no longer the Google CEO...but because of Kim Kardashian. What? Read More >>