Why These ‘Revolutionary’ Phones Failed So Badly

Every year, gadget companies like to flaunt out their latest flagship smartphones and show off all of the “revolutionary” features that will make this slab of glass and metal different from the nearly-identical looking slab of glass and metal already in our pockets. Read More >>

Former Xbox Boss Says We Will See an Xbox Two and PlayStation 5

Former Xbox boss Robbie Bach -- who handled the launches of the original machine and the Xbox 360 -- has a book to sell. Hence he's giving out interviews to promote Xbox Revisited, coming out with classic lines such as "In 2001, I was barely capable of managing myself. In 2004, I was actually capable of managing the Xbox business." Read More >>

Microsoft Kin Usability Videos Show it Wasn’t… Usable

Remember Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two phones? They had about three days of mild, bemused hype, before disappearing and being pulled from sale amid a disastrous reception and mass embarrassment for poor Microsoft. These "usability" test videos show why the two semi-smartphones were such a disaster. Read More >>

These Internal Videos Show Why The Microsoft Kin Was Such a Total Disaster

Long before the Windows Phones we have today, there was another: the Kin. You may remember being total garbage. Well now you can relive the horror with some previously unreleased videos WIRED dug up and watch Microsoft's own Kin testers recoiling in disgust. Read More >>