Amazon Discontinuing the Kindle Touch

Just a week after the Kindle DX was axed, seems Amazon is trimming its product line further: evidence suggests that its Kindle Touch is to be discontinued, with the Paperwhite filling the gap. Read More >>

Layman’s Battlemodo: The Best Ereader

Dig if you will a picture, of the year 2099 -- all the books are gone and what’s left of the human race is ingesting its literature via hand-held devices. That’ll be what happens when the e-readers take over the world. As I plan to still be around then (eternal life will be discovered sometime in 2017 I reckon), I thought I’d better get with it and get myself an ereader, by trying out four of the most popular devices. Read More >>

Want a New Ereader? The Kindle Touch is Now Available In the UK a Whole Seven Days “Early”

OK, it’s not the Kindle Fire we were all hoping for, but the UK now has another Kindle to choose from, if you like touching things I guess. Better late than never, the Kindle Touch throws out buttons for a touchscreen; packs a two-month battery life, and will set you back £109. Read More >>

Amazon’s Kindle Touch Now Available For Pre-Order In UK (With Hefty UK Price Hike)

In typical fashion, we're being screwed with a significant price-hike of around £30 (after taxes) between the US Kindle Touch and the UK model, which is now available to pre-order from tonight. But what the heck -- £109 is still a pretty decent price, especially considering the new model is touchscreen and comes with the handy X-ray tool for skimming 'n cribbing up on characters. Read More >>

UK Gets Stiffed Over Amazon’s International Kindle Touch Release

You have to wonder why Amazon’s decided to keep the UK out of its international Kindle Touch release – our lucky next-door neighbours over in Ireland can now get their mitts on the touchable reader, so why not us Brits? Read More >>

lightning review
Kindle Touch Lightning Review: The Only Book Gadget You Need

We've more or less accepted e-readers as the best way to read a book digitally, but there's still a whole lot that gadgets can do that e-readers suck at—literally anything you own with a screen is better at this stuff than an e-reader. The Kindle Touch is the first to really bridge that gap in a way that makes sense. Read More >>

The Kindle Touch 3G Will Only Let You Browse the Web Over WiFi

Turns out the unlimited 3G-ness of the new Kindle Touch 3G is not quite as unlimited as we thought. According to Amazon's Kindle forums, the Touch will grant you 3G connectivity for accessing the Kindle store, buying books, and surfing Wikipedia. Everything else requires WiFi. Read More >>