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Robot Phone Device Transmits Kisses to Your Loved Ones When You’re Away

Holidays can be a rough time for those who are truly married to their jobs but also have a human that they love in their spare time. Enter the Kissenger, a new smartphone peripheral that allows anyone to send a smooch live via video chat. Read More >>

The Science of Kissing

Kissing is great! Everyone loves kissing. But when you stop and think about it, the idea of rubbing your face and tongue up against those of another human being is actually a little... weird. This video tries to get to the bottom of the science of kissing. Read More >>

Science Explains Why We Kiss

Why do you kiss? Because it makes you feel good down there? Because it'll hopefully lead to something that'll make you feel great down there? Probably. But what about the science behind why we kiss? Vsauce, our favourite scientific talking mouth who needs no water during his soliloquies, explains that it's something to do with being babies. Read More >>