Those Luxury Handcrafted KitKats Are Finally Available to Order Online

Remember those fabulously fancy KitKats that launched in John Lewis stores last year? You can now buy and customise your own at the KitKat Chocolatory web shop. Read More >>

KitKat’s Posh Senses Range is Getting Three New Flavours

KitKat's luxury line of chocolatey bars is getting three new flavours starting this week, available exclusively at Asda and Morrisons. Read More >>

New Type of KitKat Alert

Here's a reason to leave the house and go on a fun little treasure hunt in a couple of weeks' time: Nestle's treating us to a new type of KitKat in early February. Read More >>

Nestle Has £7.50 Luxury Bespoke KitKats for Christmas

Nestle is about to launch as many as 1,500 new varieties of KitKat in the UK, but there's one enormous catch: they're hand-crafted luxury KitKats with salted caramel and all that bollocks on them, created to order here in the UK and starting at an RRP of £7.50. Read More >>

Stop Everything: Green Tea KitKats Are Coming to the UK

Amazing news for everyone who likes collecting the delicious Japanese KitKat flavours we don't get in the UK: the green tea one is officially coming to these shores. Read More >>

KitKat is Giving Away 50,000 ‘Joe the Mugs’ in its Latest Promotion

Fancy a mug with a smiley face on it? As part of KitKat's latest promotion, you can win one of 50,000 'Joe the Mugs'. The catch? They want you to eat a lot of KitKats 'til you find a winning code. Read More >>

Prepare for KitKat Riots as New Recipe Hits the Streets Next Week

The new and slightly reformulated KitKat launches in the UK next week, so now might be the time to get on the local news by panic-buying 5,000 of the old ones just in case there's any discernable difference between this supposedly healthier option and the one we know and love. Read More >>

google glass
Someone’s Managed to Install Android 4.4 KitKat on Google Glass

Google Glass may have been pulled last year, but it’s far from dead. The high-tech eyewear still has a wide fanbase, with users determined to help the device reach its full potential. One such fan has managed to install a build of Android 4.4 KitKat on his Google Glass, and he’s promised to release the source code in the near future. Read More >>

Hilariously Late, a 16-Month Old Version of Android is Now Popular

Updates to Google’s Android mobile OS take famously long to roll out to actual consumers, but here’s one stat that really puts things in perspective: 16 months after Google first released Lollipop 5.0, it’s finally the most popular (not by a majority!) version of Android. Read More >>

KitKat is Having its Name Changed to the “YouTube Break”

Well here's something Nigel Farage would probably have seized upon had it happened before he lost his chance at a seat as an MP: KitKat is to be rebranded. Albeit temporarily. Read More >>

Latest Update Brings KitKat to Google Glass

It's been a while since we last heard of a software update for Glass and now I guess we know why. The team over at Mountain View has been busy updating the face-computer to run on the latest version of Android (4.4.2 a.k.a. KitKat). Read More >>

Lifechanger: You Can Bake KitKats if You’ve Got the Balls to Brave the Burn

Ready for a fresh taste sensation thats been sitting under your nose your entire life? The humble KitKat --snap it, share it, dunk it in your tea? Well, you can bake them too for melty, chocolatey warm-wafery goodness. Read More >>

KitKat (Android 4.4) is Now Hitting UK Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3s

Got yourself an unlocked Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3? You can finally experience Android 4.4, aka KitKat, just like 2.5 per cent of other Android users. While the 400MB OTA download is currently for unlocked handsets only, customers on some networks have reported seeing it early. Read More >>

HTC One Misses KitKat Android 4.4 Update Deadline, Which Just Isn’t Good Enough

HTC is finding the KitKat update a little harder to prepare than it thought, with the company revealing it's going to miss its self-imposed 90-day deadline for bringing Google's latest code to its beloved HTC One flagship model. Read More >>

No KitKat Action Coming to HTC’s One X and One X+

HTC's told owners of its old (in phone years) models the HTC One X and One X+ that they won't be getting any more big OS updates, telling owners that their phones "will not receive further Android updates & will remain on the current version of Android." If you want the new stuff, buy a new phone. Harsh. [Twitter via Techradar] Read More >>