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You Can Play This Bilingual Star Trek Monopoly Game in Either English or Klingon

Your friends laughed at you, your parents wondered why you weren’t getting a job, and even your fellow Trekkies raised an eyebrow. But all those nights you spent learning tlhIngan Hol, the Klingon language, will finally pay off when you sit down to play Star Trek Klingon Monopoly. Read More >>

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Welsh Government Answers UFO Queries in Klingon

A rogue, unpredictable and downright potentially dangerous element deep within the Welsh government has dared -- dared! -- to have a bit of fun while conducting the serious business of a devolved government, gently mocking a query about UFOs over Cardiff Airport by responding in the Klingon language. Read More >>

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What the Hell Is This Incredible Alien Spaceship-Looking Thing Caught On Camera By NASA Circling Our Sun?

Space conspiracy theorists are going bananas over this incredible image captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, which looks like an immense UFO shaped like a Klingon Bird of Prey is circling the Sun. Read More >>

Klingon Helps Man Battle Dyslexia

Star Trek has given us many an interesting thing. Klingon is one of them. Who'd have thought that a fictional language could actually help people? Read More >>