Alligator With Knife Stuck in Its Head Seen in Lake in Texas

A Texas woman says she recently witnessed an alligator with what appeared to be some kind of knife stuck in its head swimming in a local lake, a situation she says she believes may have been a purposeful act. Read More >>

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Resourceful Knife Maker Proves You Can Turn Aluminum Foil Into a Terrifyingly Sharp Blade

We’ve all had to improvise when realising we’ve run out of clean dishes. A pot becomes a bowl, a ladel a spoon, but finding a substitute for a sharp kitchen knife requires a little more effort. As long as you’ve got a roll of aluminum foil on hand, and some unmatched knife-making skills, however, you’ll be able to avoid washing dishes for yet another day. Read More >>

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Here’s What a 500-Pound Knife Does to a Used Toyota

What’s a team of giant robot designers supposed to do between Maker Faires and mecha battles? Build giant knives and smash shit with them, of course. Read More >>

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Watch This Stabby Robot Play the Knife Game With a Human Hand

We’ve all seen footage of giant factory robots hoisting and placing heavy parts with perfect precision, so it should come as no surprise that a robot arm can adeptly play the knife game without lopping off someone’s finger. But even with that in mind, you’ll still be stressed watching this stabby robot in action. Read More >>

Welcome to Australia, Where Even Money Can Kill You

Australia has an earned reputation for being dangerous and inhospitable. It’s home to dickhead lizards that look like Jurassic Park dinosaurs, jellyfish that swallow regular fish whole, gangs of murderous sharks, herpes-infested carp, and snakes that are so sick of living there that they try to suffocate themselves in their own skin. Now even Australian money can kill you. Read More >>

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Let Your Brain Take a Nap While This Guy Builds a Kickass Japanese Utility Knife

What a week it has been. Time to go into an elective waking coma while this guy makes a crazy-looking knife with skill and precision. Read More >>

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A Modern Knifemaker’s Badass Take on an Ancient Samurai Dagger

Modern knives have something distinctly badass about them. Maybe it’s the materials. Maybe its the sleek ergonomic handles. But they also seem to be missing the sense of personality and specialness apparent in the work of ancient Japanese bladesmiths. Read More >>

Amazon Caught Illegally Selling Knives Without Age Checks

An investigation into the sending-out practises of omnipresent shopping giant Amazon has found some worrying procedural flaws in its dealing with potential weapons, with reporters ordering fold-out knives in the names of people under the age of 18 and finding that no further checks were made to verify the age of the recipient. Read More >>

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TV Reporter Stabbed in the Back in Botched Knife-Proof Vest Demo

Ah, Sod’s law. TV reporter Eitam Lachover took a knife to the back this week, while filming a news piece about a, ahem, stab-proof vest. Thankfully, he's alright. Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president at FMS Enterprises, the company that makes the vest, was the guy who stabbed him. He managed not to injure Lachover in a practice run, but subsequently jammed his knife in an unprotected area of the vest during the proper segment. Accidentally, we hope. Read More >>

Knives Aren’t Generally For Klutzes, But This One Kinda Is

It's always better to have control of a knife you're using, sure, but everyone makes mistakes. And you shouldn't lose a perfectly good knife just because it sinks to the bottom of a lake or the shaft cracks on your tile floor. Is the solution bouncy knives? Sort of. Read More >>

The Credit Card Knife is Now Even More Terrifyingly Stealth

This credit card is really a knife. Just putting that out there in case it wasn't coming across already. It's a 2.2mm thick, 85.6mm x 54mm CNC machined aluminium treat. Keep it in your wallet to impress your friends and gore your enemies! Read More >>

Could the Fork and Knife Chopsticks Be the Only Utensil You Ever Need?

There's an eternal battle going on in my head on what's the greatest utensil in the entire world. I flip with a fork but then flop to chopsticks. It's never settled. Different types of food require different utensils. If only there was one utensil to rule them all, if only I knew this fork and knife chopsticks existed. Read More >>

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Engineers Create Knife That Can Cut a Water Droplet in Half

Sometimes science truly is indistinguishable from magic: a team of engineers at Arizona State University has created a knife that can actually cut water. Cut it clean in two parts, no little droplets, no mess. Just like a piece of chorizo. Read More >>

The Giant Butler Did It

Life is out there to kill you at any time. With a giant knife made of cardboard, by Maria Lujan. [Maria Lujan via Behance via piccole risposte senza domanda] Read More >>

Is This Jack The Ripper’s Knife?

This six-inch black blade belonged to the man on the left. His name is Sir John Williams—the surgeon of Queen Victoria and one of the main suspects in the eleven Whitechapel murders. This may be Jack the Ripper's weapon. Read More >>