Knob Manufacturer Triggers Crisis for Knob-Throwing Event

A local knob throwing event is not going to take place this year, after the sole manufacturer of the knobs used decided not to supply the usual mountain of knobs. Read More >>

Vancouver is Banning Doorknobs on New Buildings

Hold on to your knobs while you still can. Humanity is about to embark on an era of doorknob prohibition, and it's all starting right in Vancouver, Canada. Read More >>

KnobFeel: Extensive Reviews of Nothing But Knobs

At this point, the hi-fi stereo market is inundated with enough high quality, pristine-gut-bearing machines that it makes it nearly impossible to draw distinctions between different models' reviews, so you might as well toss 'em—they're worthless! Because one industrious young (sounding) knob turner has taken care of the only spec that matters anymore: welcome to KnobFeel. Read More >>