Kodak’s Crypto Experiment Dies Before a Single Imaginary Coin Was Mined

Kodak, or the people Kodak ill-advisedly allowed to use the Kodak brand in order to sell a weird cryptocurrency mining scheme, has given up before ever really getting started. Read More >>

Oh My God, Kodak Is Going to Die, Isn’t It?

What have you done Kodak, what have you done? Earlier this month, the stalwart film company got into bed with the oh-so-tempting blockchain brigade, and its stock price dutifully shot up. With one day to go before its initial coin offering, more details have emerged about this unholy marriage, and it’s easy to believe that the reincarnated Kodak isn’t long for this world. Read More >>

I’m Sorry, Kodak Wants How Much For Its New Super 8 Camera?

The original Super 8 camera inspires nostalgia in every greying beardo with aspirations to make a film. The format was introduced back in 1965, and before VHS camcorders killed it in the 80s, it was the film stock of choice for budding filmmakers and family life chroniclers. A new Super 8 camera released 30-some years after Super 8 effectively died seems like a fun idea for people eager to relive the glory days or escape digital. Except in a blog last week Kodak claimed this thing will cost anywhere from $2500 to $3000 (£1,812 to £2,174; UK pricing and availability TBA). Read More >>

Wait, It Turns Out KodakCoin Is Not the Only Crypto Trick Kodak Has Up Its Sleeve

Yesterday, camera manufacturer Kodak—whose stock was previously hovering around $3.10 a share—announced that it was forming its own cryptocurrency, an ambiguously blockchain-based project called “KodakCoin.” As has happened with a number of smaller stocks, Kodak’s stock immediately skyrocketed as soon as the words “blockchain” left its lips. Read More >>

Kodak Swears It’s Not Giving Up on that Digital Super 8 Camera

Last year, one of the coolest things we saw at CES was a mock-up of Kodak’s digital Super 8 camera that recorded to actual Super 8 film. We were supposed to get more details in the spring and it was supposed to come out in the fall. And then the fall came and went and we heard nothing. Read More >>

The Kodak Ektra Certainly Stands Out

Kodak has just unveiled the Ektra. There’s no need to pinch yourself, you haven’t woken up in 1941. This is the 2016 Ektra, the company’s second Android smartphone. Read More >>

A 360 Tour of London’s Best Boozy Bars

Ever read a review of a bar that’s meant to be shit hot with a great atmosphere, the best signature tipples and a roof garden that’ll make you think you’re in the south of France, only to get there and be really bloody disappointed? Yep, even in the days of TripAdvisor it can be hard to figure out whether reviews are to be trusted. Read More >>

ces 2016
Kodak’s New 4K Camera Captures Beautiful 360 Video For the Price of a GoPro

With the mass release of VR devices imminent, everyone’s hopping on the 360-degree video boat. Kodak, accordingly, is hustling to get its offerings up to spec with a 4k update to its SP360 Action Cam. For $500/£342, it’s pretty good, too. Read More >>

ces 2016
Kodak Reveals a Digital Super 8 Camera That Records on Film… Wait What?!

Screw 360-degree film cameras on drones or Vines on 16-megapixel smartphones. Kodak’s going old school with these little beauties. The design is inspired by the Super 8 fad from half a century ago, and these new cameras that shoot film on, well, actual film. Read More >>

How the Quest for a Perfectly Rational Calendar Created a 13th Month

A month is hardly a unit of measurement. It can start on any day of the week and last anywhere from 28 to 31 days. Sometimes a month is four weeks long, sometimes five, sometimes six. You have to buy a new calendar with new dates every single year. It’s a strange design. Read More >>

This is How Kodak Survives Now That Film is Dead

The decline of Kodak as a powerhouse of photography is a story oft told. But what does it actually look like in the facilities that once churned out endless rolls of film for the masses? This New York Times video shows what has become of Eastman Kodak's business, and it might be a bit of a surprise. Read More >>

Kodak is Making Android Phones Now Because Sure, Why Not I Guess? 

Kodak's about to have its own line of Android phones now, because sure. The company—now little more than a name to be slapped on products from all kinds of no-name manufacturers— will be showing off its first Android devices at CES in just over a week. Read More >>

Apple and Google Are Reportedly Joining Forces To Buy £310 Million of Kodak Patents

It's not often that you hear that Apple and Google—both fighting for utter smartphone dominance—have teamed up on anything, but reports from Bloomberg say it's the case. And they're both going in on a half a billion dollars worth of Kodak patents. Read More >>

Kodak Is Selling Off Its Film Business

Kodak is really closing out its era as a photographic monolith, opting to sell off its film business entirely. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Kodak will not only sell its print film production, but also its digital imaging kiosks, and the printers and scanners that go with them. Read More >>

Printer Virus on the Loose, Good Day For Paper Companies, Bad Day For Trees

A computer virus that sends garbled code to your printer queue is affecting homes and offices worldwide. The virus wastes loads of ink and paper printing out crap in a year when Kodak went bust and HP's printer business is 'facing challenges'. Hmm, suspicious... Read More >>