The Premier League’s Latest Round of Blocking is Disrupting Pirate Kodi Streams

The Premier League has been fighting against the new waves of Kodi-enabled pirate IPTV streams for a while now, recently gaining a new temporary injunction to take them down quicker than it could before. Looks like they're getting right on it, and if Saturday was anything to go by, football pirates are going to have a hard time not paying full price for their sport this season. Read More >>

UK ‘Kodi Box’ Seller Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Offences

It's no secret that police and copyright holders have been cracking down on the people selling so-called 'fully loaded Kodi boxes' i.e. pre-configured set-top boxes that use dodgy Kodi add-ons to allow free access to premium content. One such seller has now also pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering. Read More >>

Another Kodi Plugin Domain Is Now In The Hands Of A Law Firm

We've seen this happen to the TVAddons domains, and now another third-party Kodi plugin provider has been taken down, with its domains handed over to lawyers. Navi-X is one of the oldest plugins for Kodi, having started out in 2007 on XBMC, which is the name Kodi used to go by. Navi-X shut in May, but now TorrentFreak has discovered that the domain is now in the same hands that posses the TVAddons domains. Read More >>

Your Illegal Kodi Plugins May Be Used Against You By Lawyers, Or Anyone Else

We all know by now that some people are using the Kodi Media Centre as a way to access illegal content. Some of these people use plugins that they download in repositories, collections of mini-apps, which can stream video from services online. There are IPTV plugins that stream Sky Sports, and others which can access on-demand TV stored in online "lockers". Read More >>

Illegal And Unsafe Kodi Boxes Siezed In Westminster Raid

A 53-year-old man has been arrested and 40 Android-powered boxes preloaded with Kodi and other software have been seized, Westminster Council has said. A raid took place at a property in W2 on July 12th and the man and his boxes were taken away. His boxes were being sold online for less than £100. Read More >>

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The Best Set-Top Boxes for All Your Kodi Needs

Kodi is a big deal these days. The media centre software had humble beginnings on the Xbox, and has now become an ever popular tool for people across the world. While not all of that popularity is for the right reasons, there's a lot that can be done with it. But you might need a dedicated device, especially if you're planning on using it on your TV. Read More >>

Mobdro is the new Kodi. Maybe.

A new streaming service, called Mobdro, might be looking to snatch those users currently streaming via Kodi plugins. The service offers a way to stream content live for free, and may help users whose dodgy plugins installed that have since stopped working. Read More >>

Illegal Things Are Illegal Government Confirms Following Kodi Confusion

People are apparently confused. Kodi boxes are so widely available and easy to buy that they simply must be legal, right? Well no, surprisingly. The government has been explaining that the entertainment industry is valuable and that "Content creators deserve to be paid for their work - it is not a grey area". Although a quick translation from Government to English reveals they mean "we need the tax money, we don't get tax money from Kodi". Read More >>

Kodi Addons Have Stalled UK Reduction In TV, Movie And Sport Piracy

The entertainment industry is big business, and it has the ear of the government. People like Murdoch use their papers to win favour with those in charge, then make demands on policy - particularly when it comes to punishing those who steal intellectual property. We're now capable of imprisoning someone for 10 years for copyright infringement, a sentence more than several crimes that involve hurting other humans physically. Read More >>

Over A Third Of Football Fans Stream Matches Illegally Using Kodi And Other Methods

Streaming things online is not a new thing, but as hosting and bandwidth prices plummet the availability of people streaming sport and live TV to people for free has grown enormously. This annoys Sky, BT and the Premier League because they've built a massive business around huge pots of money that they need the public to stuff with their earnings. Read More >>

Kodi Fully Loaded Seller Made £370,000, But Avoids Jail Time

Daniel Brown from Llansamlet, Wales made hundreds of thousands importing boxes from China running Android TV. He then installed Kodi, along with some third-party plugins allowing buyers to access streaming TV and movies illegally. Read More >>

Kodi Box Drought Causing Mass Hysteria In The National Press

The Sun and The Independent are both reporting that it's becoming harder to get hold of a "Kodi box" because of the recent crackdown over boxes pre-loaded with both Kodi and a set of unofficial plugins that make it possible to watch premium TV and movies without paying. Read More >>

Kodi Couldn’t Care Less if Your Illegal Plugins Don’t Work

News just in, Kodi doesn't care if your illegal plugins aren't working, and you certainly shouldn't tweet them asking for tech support if you've been streaming Sky Sports and now can't. The terse responses on Twitter are somewhat telling that the people behind the media centre apps have had it. Read More >>

Sky vs Kodi: Sports Channel Shake-Up Is A Declaration Of War On Illegal Streamers

For a quarter of century, Sky Sports has been the undisputed king of sports broadcasting. Since the company first scooped up the Premier League rights in 1992, if you wanted to watch your team play, you needed to pay a subscription. Read More >>

Kodi Streaming Woes? Don’t Worry, Some Bloke Will Come Round To Fix It For You

Facebook is full of people looking to make a buck, and repairing broken Kodi installs is turning into a booming industry thanks to some recent high-profile takedowns and lawsuits against services like TVAddons. Read More >>