Two eBay Sellers Fined for Selling Pre-Configured Kodi Boxes and Piracy Subscriptions

You can't walk into a shop and purchase an Android TV box pre-configured with piracy-enabling software, like those dodgy Kodi add-ons the entertainment industry is panicking over. Those tend to get shut down. So eBay and social media sites are popular ways of tracking one down. But even that's not safe for the sellers, with two eBay sellers managing to collect fines of £18,000 and £8,000 respectively. Read More >>

Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes Are “Tantamount To Theft”, Says Former Culture Secretary

Another day, another warning about the dark side of Kodi - this time from John Whittingdale, who until Theresa May became Prime Minister was the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Read More >>

TVAddons Reports That Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ Is Adding Built-in Video Game ROM Emulation

Uh-oh - it looks like modified Kodi boxes may not just be a menace to the film and TV industries - but the platform could soon be upsetting the games industry too. Read More >>

Kodi Box-Maker Dragon Box is Being Sued For Facilitating Piracy

The battle against piracy is never ending, but these days rights holder are opting the more sensible approach of tackling the problem at its source - rather than going after the people doing the pirating. One big part of this has been dealing with people trying to profit from hardware and software designed to access premium content without paying. Dragon Media Inc is the latest one, and they're facing a lawsuit from big names in Hollywood. Read More >>

Kodi Lands on the Xbox One, Making It the Ultimate Set-Top Box

There are two things everyone should look for in a good set top box: ease of use and versatility. A set top box is terrible if the menus are a horror to navigate and you can’t just plunk down after dinner and watch a movie. But it’s also terrible if it can’t actually play the media you want it to play when you want it to play it. Thanks to Kodi’s arrival on the Xbox One this morning, the Xbox One X and Xbox One S are now the most versatile set-top boxes available. This is the box you want if you’re looking to play any kind of media from any kind of source. Read More >>

UEFA Also Has a UK Court Order to Block Illegal Kodi Streams With Impunity

If you, or anyone you know, got given a seemingly-magic set-top box with the ability to watch pirated football streams this Christmas, you might want to look away. Just like the Premier League before it, UEFA has now secured a court order that lets it block illegal IPTV streams of its matches here in the UK. Read More >>

Kodi Streaming Protects You From Malware and Crypto Miners, Claims TVAddons

Recently there's been a lot of talk about dodgy Kodi add-ons being a threat to users and their information - particularly from the entertainment industry. There've also been problems with websites and wi-fi networks using computers for crypto currency mining. Well the infamous Kodi repository TVAddons claims that Kodi streaming can actually protect you from all that. Read More >>

A New Crimestoppers Campaign is Going After Dodgy Kodi Add-ons

Everyone living in the UK has heard of Crimestoppers, that organisation that lets acts as a buffer between people and the police - letting us report crime with complete anonymity. Now it's getting involved in the whole dodgy set-top/Kodi box situation with a new campaign. Read More >>

TV Addons, the Constant Thorn in Kodi’s Side, Will Not Go Down Easily

If you pay attention to Kodi news, you'll have heard of TV Addons. The add-on repository has a reputation for enabling piracy, and because of that reputation it's not very popular over at Kodi head office. To the point where they've been known to fire shots at each other on Twitter. Read More >>

raspberry pi
That Latest Piracy Fearmongering Attacks Raspberry Pi

These days there is a lot of interest in the topic of illegal streaming, and you don't have to try very hard to find news about the so-called 'illicit streaming devices' (often referred to as Kodi boxes) and the kind of things they let you access without having to pay. Obviously Hollywood has a vested interest in you nor illegally streaming, so it's trying to convince you that it's a bad thing. Read More >>

A Kodi Add-On Developer is Crowdfunding to Help Fight ‘Copyright Bullies’

The developer of ZemTV, a popular Kodi add-on, is asking for help from the public in order to defend himself from a lawsuit filed by Dish Network - a US broadcaster and satellite TV company. The developer, who goes by Shani, insists that a proper defence needs to be mounted in order to avoid setting a bad precedent, saying "The fight is rigged against the little guy, they are trying to make something illegal that shouldn't be illegal." Read More >>

The Government Just Published Some Advice Regarding the Legality of Kodi Boxes

The UK's Intellectual Property Office has released some advice for anyone with an 'illicit streaming device', set top boxes which also get referred to a 'Kodi Boxes' and 'Android TV Boxes'. Basically, as you might expect, the IPO wants you to stop using your box for copyright infringing streaming and wipe it clean. Read More >>

Dodgy Kodi Add-on Developers Jump Ship After Legal Threats

Another day, another story about how rights holders are getting even more serious about dealing with the problem of Kodi boxes and the streaming piracy facilitated through a variety of unofficial add-ons. To the point now that some add-on developers have called it a day after receiving legal threats. Read More >>

Further Reminder: Your Dirt-Cheap Kodi Box is Still a Fire Hazard

If the fact that the Kodi box you bought from a guy in the pub is illegal wasn't enough to deter you from the lure of illicit streaming add-ons, maybe this news will. There's a very good chance your dirt-cheap set top box is an illegal import, and that means it's a fire hazard. It's not the first time people have been warned about this, so let's try again. Read More >>

Hollywood Has Been Lobbying Lawmakers Against Kodi Boxes in the US

Streaming boxes, like those running Kodi, are the new popular way of pirating things. To the point where rights holders are doing their very best to ensure that the entire business dies - or at the very least stops being so widespread. So it's no surprise that the MPAA has been lobbying members of the US Congress about the issue. Read More >>