A 55-inch, Android-Enabled 4K UHD TV for £550? What’s the Catch?

The catch is you'll be handing your money over to the new kids on the block, Kogan, rather than the stalwart likes of Samsung or Sony. But that shouldn't be too much of a concern, with the Australian manufacturer making a name for itself in the UK for offering high-end tech at low-end prices. So what's £550 bag you, in detail? Read More >>

Would You Buy a No-Name Phone, Even If the Specs Were Amazing?

Budget hardware specialist Kogan has just announced a new 5-inch quad-core mobile, which it's somehow managing to sell for just £149 in the UK. But is a phone from a relatively unknown brand something you'd consider, even if it's a solid performer? Read More >>

Kogan Agora Phone
Kogan Agora Smartphone Hands-On: Being Cheap Has Never Felt So Good

Kogan used the annual CES trade show to make a bit of noise last week, arriving in Sin City to drop his latest smartphone offering: the Kogan Agora. At £119, this thing is probably the best deal you're likely to get on any Android smartphone for some time. Read More >>

Battlemodo: Super-Cheap Google Nexus 7 vs. Even Cheaper Kogan Agora Tablet

Google's Nexus 7 has brought some serious game to the budget Android tablet market. Powerful, slick and under £200. But is it the best out there, and does Kogan's just-released new 10-incher, which only costs £119, have a chance? Read More >>

Kogan Gets Snubbed By Microsoft Over Its IE7 Tax

After Kogan took it apon itself to try and rid the world of IE7 with a tax on IE7-using shoppers, Microsoft's decided Kogan's just not fit to appear in Bing's listings anymore. Read More >>

The Australians Are About to Launch Their £149 10-Inch Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Assault on the UK

Talking exclusively to Giz UK, Ruslan Kogan told us that his new 10-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is set to hit the UK for just £149 in under 40 days. Apparently it should take the British budget tablet market by storm while we're still waiting for the Kindle Fire. Read More >>

Apparently Someone Really Does Want a Phablet Like the Galaxy Note and It’s Selling Better Than the iPhone

It might be smack-bang in the middle of that awkward zone -- neither phone sized nor a proper tablet -- but the stylus-equipped Samsung Galaxy Note is selling in its droves; at least in Australia, according to the Australian cut-price electronics entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, talking exclusively to Giz UK. Read More >>

giz meets
The Young Aussie Entrepeneur Who Aims to Crush the UK High Street With His Super-Cheap TVs, Tablets and Cameras

Ever heard of a bloke called Ruslan Kogan? No? Well, he’s an Australian entrepreneur whose cut-price online electronics shop has already taken Oz by storm, crushing a few of its rivals in the process. Now he's set his sights on Britain. Talking to us over a phone interview from "down under," he foretold great promises of bringing his affordable electronics to the UK masses. Read More >>

55" LED backlit Kogan
Kogan Goes For the Jugular of the UK TV Market

Ever heard of Kogan? Nah, me neither. It's an Australian outfit with a business model that basically cuts out the middle men. The upside is their gear is meant to be dirt cheap. Read More >>