The Professional Hoax Trolls of St. Petersburg 

The stereotypical internet troll is sitting at home bored, primarily interested in shit-disturbing for chaos’ sake. But in Russia, trolling has been professionalised, with troll workers paid for full-time stints perpetuating hoaxes and trash-talking online. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out the Kremlin to Show Us It’s Just Not That Happy With Putin

Another day, another lashing out by our friendly neighbourhood hacking collective. This time it seems Anonymous isn't too fond of a one Vladimir Putin. Having seen him just get his shoes back under the Presidential desk, the hackers took out the Kremlin's site, which, as Xkcd points out, is almost akin to tearing down a poster or two in the digital age of protesting -- not quite the hack attacks Anonymous et al. were waging just a few months ago that's for sure. Read More >>