Carbon Emissions Haven’t Been This High Since Dinosaurs Went Extinct

Carbon hasn’t entered our atmosphere this quickly in at least 66 million years – since an asteroid slammed into our planet and wiped out the dinosaurs, or perhaps even earlier. Our addiction to fossil fuels has pushed the planet into a “no-analogue” state that’s “likely to result in widespread future extinctions”, an exceedingly humourless study published in Nature Geoscience concludes. Read More >>

Scientists Will Finally Drill Into the Dinosaur-Killing Impact Crater in Mexico

Sixty-six million years ago, planet Earth had a shit day when a six-mile-wide asteroid smashed into the Yucatán Peninsula, triggering a series of events that killed off the dinosaurs. Later this month, a scientific expedition will drill into the heart of Chicxulub crater for the very first time, seeking to learn more about the nature of that disaster. Read More >>