Synthetic Meat Spat Shows That Ethical Meat Doesn’t Mean Peaceful Meat

There are a few of generalisations we can probably make about meat. First, meat production is bad for the animal. Second, meat production is bad for the environment. Third, meat tastes good. Read More >>

Startup Makes the First Lab-Grown Chicken Tender and Duck L’Orange

A San Francisco startup plated some fairly familiar dishes at a tasting yesterday, like fried chicken with collared greens and duck l’orange. But these meats didn’t come from gutted bird corpses. They were all lab-grown, and our lab-grown meat experts are bummed we were not invited to taste, too. Not that we would have been able to go or anything, we’re very busy. But come on, guys! Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Hamburger Would Cost You £190,000

Making fake meat in a lab sure isn't easy, but 3D printing promises to revolutionise the process. The only downside: a 3D-printed hamburger will set you back £190,000. Read More >>