The People Demand Climate Change Labelling on Products

Research carried out on behalf of the Carbon Trust has found that we'd all appreciate being told if our purchases are particularly good or bad for the environment, hence the above concept labelling that may tell us if people have had meetings about a thing to decide upon its environmental credentials. Read More >>

How to Use Gmail’s Labels To Keep Your Inbox Neat and Tidy

Labels are Gmail’s secret weapon that let you organise your inbox on your own terms. Once they’re set up, they do most of your message processing automatically and make it easier to skim through your inbox. If you’re not using labels in Gmail yet—or not using them with any kind of method—here are 6 ways you can start organising your inbox immediately. Read More >>

Soundcloud Just Made its First Deal with a Major Record Label

First came the ads, now SoundCloud has a deal with the bonafide record company that is Warner Music Group. That's right, SoundCloud has made it official with a real record label and everything – it's really growing up. Read More >>

Lumpy Bump Mark Food Label Wins UK Dyson Award

This year's round of innovation judging has come to an end, with design and tech student Solveiga Pakstaite winning the UK rubber of the Dyson awards with the concept of a label for food that goes bumpy when your milk is beyond saving. Read More >>