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Aluminium Powder Fireballs Look Like Tiny Slo-Mo Supernovas

You probably think of aluminium as a solid metal, the kind of thing that could protect you from explosions. That's not always the case—as the magnificent mad scientists at Periodic Videos are here to show us with supernova-style flame balls made from powdered aluminium. Read More >>

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This Crazy Machine Let Astronauts Experiment With Fluids 30 Years Ago

It might look more like an engine from an ageing car than a piece of engineering fit for space, but this machine was a pioneering piece of apparatus that allowed astronauts to experiment with fluids in space. Read More >>

Why Do the Mars Rover’s Images Look So Bad?

A lot of people are wondering why the first colour image from the Mars Curiosity Rover looks so murky. Or why the black and white pictures look so low-resolution and out of focus in some areas. Calm yourselves. They will look absolutely amazing soon, perfect and in high-def. Read More >>

First High Resolution View By Curiosity Shows Impressive 3-Mile-Tall Mount Sharp

Here you have it. It's not the super-HD panoramic image that everyone is eagerly awaiting for, but this is the first high(ish) resolution image of the three-mile-high Aeolis Mons, commonly known as Mount Sharp. Read More >>

Spectacular Image of Mars Curiosity’s Descent From Space

This is absolutely incredible. The HiRISE camera NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to spot Curiosity as it was descending on the surface of the red planet. You can clearly see the capsule and the deployed supersonic parachute. Read More >>

Robo-Scientist Tackles Deadly Lab Work with Perfect Precision

A lot of laboratory work involves repetitive tasks like creating cultures or dispensing precise amounts of chemicals. So not only does this Mahoro robot researcher deal with those boring tasks with absolute precision, it can also handle biohazards too dangerous for humans to interact with. Read More >>