How Water Tanks on a Mexican Volcano Will Solve the Universe’s Mysteries

Our guides suggested we rent a car with four-wheel-drive to navigate the treacherous dirt road on the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico, which reaches 15,220 feet and is evidently the highest road in North America. We wished we’d heeded this advice as our car skidded down the mountain and into a ditch. But we made it to the top—a kind farmer named Benjamin tied up his horses and mule to help us push the car out—and the effort was worth it. Nestled into a flat point at 13,450 feet, just next to the country’s tallest mountain, we saw a telescope unlike any you’ve ever heard of. It’s just a few hundred vats of liquid water. Read More >>

What Happens When a Ghost Town Turns Into a Lab

Gothic, Colorado is a surreal place. Once populated with thousands of silver-seeking miners, the tiny outpost is now home to the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, where dozens of scientists are coming to grips with the consequences of climate change (among other things). Some of them have been doing research there for decades. Read More >>

The UK’s First Robotic DNA Factory Has Opened in London

London's Imperial College now has quite the futuristic new department, with its DNA Synthesis and Construction Foundry now online. It's a place where the best scientists and their robotic assistants will fish out bits of DNA in the hope of solving trouble some problems like disease, death, low-carb fuel and generally useful pharmaceuticals. Read More >>

These are the Most Beautiful Science Labs in the World

Who said that laboratories, research centres and other science institutions have to be dull? Believe me, architects are doing amazing things when it comes to designing the headquarters of such facilities, as the these 22 images show. Read More >>

“Crazy” Scientists Recreate Deadly Spanish Flu Strain in the Lab

A strain of flu extremely similar to the Spanish Flu that wiped out more than 50 million people 100 years ago has been built in the lab. Hopefully it's a new lab with triple glazed windows and robust policy on not taking tissues home. Read More >>

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Aluminium Powder Fireballs Look Like Tiny Slo-Mo Supernovas

You probably think of aluminium as a solid metal, the kind of thing that could protect you from explosions. That's not always the case—as the magnificent mad scientists at Periodic Videos are here to show us with supernova-style flame balls made from powdered aluminium. Read More >>