Finally Somebody Made a Girly Phone to Fit My Pathetic Lady Hands

Oh thank Christ for Keekoo and the Keekoo K1. The new brand from Chinese company Shenzhen Yi Shengyuan Technology Limited really understands my needs as a lady. See, up until now every phone I’ve used, presented to me completely absent of gendered marketing, has secretly been a man phone for men. I’m honest to God surprised I never noticed before! Read More >>

OnePlus to Women: Send Us Hot Selfies, We’ll Let You Buy Our Phone (Updated)

Tech companies have a pretty awful track record where talking to women is concerned. But after running damage control on horrible campaign after horrible campaign, you'd think they'd try to avoid making the same mistakes again. And you would be wrong. Enter OnePlus' new lovely-ladies-only invite giveaway. Because, as they say, "chivalry is not dead." Read More >>