The Good News is They’re Ending the Funny Grown-Up Ladybird Books…

...the bad news is there's one about Brexit to silently nod through before the suffering ends, as The Story of Brexit is released in the pleasing little hardback format this week. Everyone is ordering it for everyone else for Christmas, so it doesn't matter what we think. Read More >>

Classic Ladybird Books are This Month’s Very Interesting New Stamps

The Ladybird books -- the proper old ones not the ironic/funny new ones -- are on the stamps of the UK now, as the Royal Mail's latest set immortalises some of the nation's favourite old illustrated books. Read More >>

The Adult Colouring Book Trend is Dead

The latest set of financial data from high street retail bellwether WH Smith shows that we've all had it up to HERE with the ironic adult colouring books we've been getting for Christmas this last two or three years, with the shop saying sales of such titles have "fallen off a cliff." Unfortunately not accompanied by people who like and buy them. Read More >>

Ladybird Has More of Those Funny Adult Books Coming for Christmas

Those allegedly funny Ladybird for adults books that set low-hanging parts of the world on fire last Christmas are back, this time aiming their greeting card humour at such easy targets as students, the workplace, old people, cats and -- in a surprisingly early shark-jump moment for the series -- the zombie apocalypse. Read More >>

Ladybird Books iPhone App Is Your It’s-For-the-Kids-Honest! Deal of the Day

Remember when you were a kid? Shut up – yes you do. If you were anything like us, you’ll have been an avid word-freak, with your head permanently buried in a Ladybird book. Now you can relive those times – digital style! Read More >>