Lake District Opts Out of Currency Union

A whole new bunch of bank notes are about to launch in the UK on May 1st, and these are going to be even harder to shift in a London Caffe Nero than a Scottish tenner – they're for the Lake District only. Read More >>

Ministry of Defence Says No to Lakes Zip Wires

Those arguing against plans to erect a zip wire ride in the Lake District have had a powerful ally join the team, with the Ministry of Defence lodging an objection against the scheme on the grounds that it could cause a risk to low-flying pilots training in the area. Read More >>

An iPhone 4 Survived a Year at the Bottom of a Lake

If you’ve ever submerged your phone in liquid, you know the utter devastation that follows immediately afterwards, during which you alternately shake your fist at yourself and the offending liquid. One guy, however, got lucky. Read More >>

Why Did This Lake Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

Three months ago, Iran’s Lake Urmia was green. Today, it’s blood red. But it’s not something that’s been added to the lake that caused the change: it’s something that’s been taken out. Read More >>

Some of Canada’s Lakes are Turning Into Jelly Thanks to Acid Rain

150 years of industrialisation has wrecked the Earth so bad that it'll take thousands of years to recover. Seeing the situation in real life is startling. That's exactly what's happening in a large number of Canada's lakes, which are turning into jelly thanks to acid rain. Read More >>

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Super Salty Lake Looks Like a Strawberry Milkshake

Photographed from above it looks like a pool of melty Strawberry ice cream, but Lake Retba, which runs blood-red through Senegal, West Africa, gets its unusual colour from an unusually high salt content—up to 40-percent! Read More >>

shrinking canadian lakes
Shrinking Canadian Lakes Baffle Scientists

The ice caps are melting -- that's a fact. Less ice means more water. So why is Canada losing its Arctic lakes? Read More >>