Lenovo’s ‘All-Screen’ Z5 Phone Isn’t What We Were Promised, Has a Notch

Lenovo has been teasing people with the prospect of a proper all-screen phone, ie one that has no notches or bars taking up precious screen space. Now, in news that we really should have seen coming, it turns out those teasers weren't representative of the final product. Lenovo's Z5 does indeed have a notch. Read More >>

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Oh Dear, Robocop’s New Vehicles Look Lame

First we saw a spy-shot of the new Robocop-reboot suit on set, which looked more like Batman crossed with Tron than the bullet-proof rozzer from the original Robocop. Now we get a glimpse at Robo's new cars and, err, bike. And, well, they're pretty lame-looking. Read More >>