This Question Block Light Has Nintendo’s Official Seal of Approval

There have been unofficial versions of this Question Block Light concept in existence for some time, now there's one made with the blessing of Nintendo, and therefore all the shapes and ratios and sounds are just right. Read More >>

This Lamp’s Designed to Work Like its Circuit Diagram

If you fondly remember drawing circuit diagrams at school, this lamp will make you smile: its designers created it to mimic the line-drawn circuit plans that make it work. Read More >>

Your Busted Apple MagSafe Cords Power These Clever Lamps

The MagSafe power cord, in theory, is one of Apple's smartest features. In practice, they tend to crap out after a few months of hard use—thanks either to your poor wire-wrapping technique or your dog's penchant for copper wire. But that doesn't have to be the end of the line. Read More >>

Wooden Lamps Show The Light Within

There's something really meditative about these slotted lamps. They're made out of wood from California cypress trees and the light inside is a constant current LED, but the sculptural elements come through more than the utility as a lamp. Read More >>

A Skeletal Reading Light To Spruce Up Your Desk

Books, papers, and pens—your desk is supremely cluttered. But you still need to see, and this Flaca LED lamp will dress up your work space. Read More >>

This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet to Be

If you want to raise worldwide awareness about the environment through your design, you should probably do so in an environmentally friendly way, right? And if you want to save the Earth, you might as well put it on display. Read More >>

This Lamp Is Made From a Single Sheet of Steel Which You Bend Yourself

There's nothing like a bit of DIY to make you feel like a strong, independent person. That goes double if it involves bending sheet steel with your bare hands, and that's just what you have to do with this lamp. Read More >>