Panasonic Hid a Security Camera Inside a Lamp That Will Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s certainly something to be said for cleverly hiding an object in plain sight, but Panasonic’s new incognito wireless security cameras are camouflaged inside a conspicuously tall floor lamp that doesn’t really look like a floor lamp, inevitably leading to visitors taking a closer inspection to figure out what it is, and discovering its secret. Read More >>

You Can Rearrange the Letters and Spell Out Any Message On This Scrabble Tile Rack Lamp

The most effective way to tell your co-workers you don’t want to be bothered is to close your office door. But if you’re stuck in cubicle purgatory, that’s not an option. Instead, try this Scrabble tile rack desk lamp that lets you spell out seven-letter warnings like ‘GO AWAY’, ‘NOT NOW’, or other, blunter messages if your office lets you get away with it. Read More >>

Walking Through This Lamp-Filled Room Is Like Swimming With Jellyfish

It’s a simple idea for an art installation: Fill an entire giant room with glowing lamps from floor to ceiling. On paper it sounds an awful lot like your grandma’s living room, but walking through teamLab’s Forest of Resonating Lamps exhibit feels a lot more like drifting through a giant swarm of jellyfish. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Voice-Assistant Is Now in a Weirdo Lamp Because Why Not

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to your lamp, GE’s new C by GE lamp has Alexa baked right in. Amazon has licensed its Alexa assistant to a slew of different gadgets, but this is the first lighting product to feature the voice-controlled service. Read More >>

star wars
This Lamp Is the Offspring of R2-D2 and Pixar’s Luxo Jr.

Could a relationship between an astromech droid and an anthropomorphised articulated desk lamp ever really work? Debatable. But it’s worth a shot, because if it did, their offspring would be this fantastic R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp that ThinkGeek is now selling for $60. That's about £43, before you factor in shipping to the UK. Read More >>

star wars
Mood Lighting is This Life-Size BB-8 Floor Lamp’s Only Skill

Now that almost everyone on the planet has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s officially time for BB-8 to finally take the merchandising torch from R2-D2. We’ll definitely miss Artoo, but how could we ever say no to products like this life-size BB-8 floor lamp? Read More >>

This Lamp’s Levitating Glowing Disc Borders On Magic

There’s no shortage of fancy lamps on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but the Lunaluxx looks like it truly brings something unique and innovative to the table, or your desk, or your bedside table. It uses a small floating disc that glows brilliantly when hit with an invisible blue LED from underneath. Read More >>

This Lamp Opens Like a Blossoming Flower to Cast More Light

Mother Nature has had a lot more time to perfect her designs than we have. And since she hasn’t bothered patenting a single one, we’re free to not only use her creations as inspiration—but to straight up steal them. So if you’re trying to create a pendant light with an adjustable beam, there’s no reason not to just rip off how the petals on a flower open each morning. Read More >>

Grow a Miniature Winter Garden With This Hanging Terrarium Lamp

Winter is upon us, and so is the death of our outdoor plants. Polish design studio Lightovo want to help you preserve a little slice of your garden throughout the winter using its handblown glass lamp called Milo. Think of it as a hybrid terrarium and pendant lamp. Read More >>

A Built-in Colour Picker Lets You Tint This Lamp to Any Shade You Want

Now that a trio of red, blue, and green LEDs can reproduce almost any colour you can imagine, tinted mood lighting has become a hot trend. But why settle for manually dialling in a specific shade when this ColorUp lamp includes a built-in colour picker that can sample and reproduce any colour you so desire? Read More >>

This Pencil Lamp’s Power Cord Leaves Doodles Around Your Home

Here's a clever way to rid your home of unsightly cables: just hide them in plain sight. Designers Michael & George created the HB Lamps featuring a glowing eraser that can illuminate a room, and a black power cable protruding from the pencil tip that looks like doodles left by the pencil instead of an ugly power cord—genius. Read More >>

This Beautiful Lampshade is Carved From Solid Granite

This may be a lampshade, but light isn't what it does best—because this new interpretation of the classic industrial lamp is carved from a solid piece of granite. Read More >>