Autonomous Range Rover Drives Itself Round Coventry Ring Road

Self-driving cars have taken another leap forward with the news that an autonomous Range Rover Sport has managed to navigate itself round the vehicular hell that is the Coventry ring road. Read More >>

Land Rover Builds a Retro Infotainment Hub With Knobs and Dials For Ageing Classics

IF you have an old Land Rover or Jaguar and IF money is no object and IF you would like a new radio and satnav, THEN Land Rover's classic team has a really quite impressive solution. It's building retro-futuristic entertainment devices to slot into ancient old vehicles, bringing knobs and dials and a 3.5-inch touchscreen to the world of rotary fans and sliding vents. Read More >>

Land Rover Develops Spill-Resistant Bowls and Pet Showers for Dogs of the Nouveau Riche

Jaguar Land Rover has been doing a bit of thinking about what the owners of its cars really need, and the team has come up with some pet-based solutions that could keep your favourite animal friend Instagram-ready at all times, including an integrated Land Rover branded dog shower. Read More >>

Land Rover’s Explore Outdoor Phone is Smartphone That Can Handle All Your Wilderness Adventures

Outdoor activities are quite popular with people who aren't like me. Walking, climbing, sailing, they're all the kinds of things people love to do, but the issue has always been that the conditions they come with don't exactly play nice with the comforts of modern technology. Water, rocks, and the cold weather are all things that can  destroy your phone, and it's just not worth risking it with an expensive device. Read More >>

Land Rover Charges £6,230 for Recycled Bottle Seat Covers

The Venn diagram that shows people who own high-end Land Rovers and people who care about their impact on environment is pretty low on space in the middle intersection of the seemingly disparate circles, but for those fortunate few there's a new, massively expensive conscience-easer on sale -- recycled plastic seat covers. For your Range Rover. For an extra six grand. Read More >>

Land Rover Now Does a Very Posh £50k Van

If you have a business based around selling very expensive items to rich people in parts of town with quite high kerbs, here's a thing for you to put on expenses -- the latest van version of the current Land Rover Discovery. Read More >>

Jaguar to Test Self-Driving Cars on UK Roads This Year

The Autodrive group, which consists of carmakers Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and lots of smaller tech companies and insurers, has been given the go-ahead to test self-driving cars on public roads in the UK this year. Read More >>

Jaguar Relaunches the E-Type as £285k Refurb

Jaguar Land Rover is doing that thing it does again, where it takes some old cars people liked and completely rebuilds them to as-new factory spec. Then dangles them out there for a ludicrous amount of money so rich people can buy them to put in garages. Read More >>

Land Rover Brings Back the Original Range Rover

Land Rover's realised that all we really want is its classic old things back so we can pretend it's still 1987 and dad can fix everything, hence this glorious yellow monster -- a fully refurbished original Range Rover rebuilt by Land Rover staff using parts found across Europe. Read More >>

This Driverless Land Rover Concept Car Has a Serious Backside

Sir Mix A Lot would be all up in this car’s business. Matthew Robson, a Vehicle Design Master’s student at the Royal College of Art, has unveiled his design concepts for a driverless Land Rover, dubbed the ‘Aegis’, and there’s one thing we can’t take our eyes off. Read More >>

All Cars Should Tell You When You’ve Forgotten Your Keys

Land Rover’s new car has an integration with Tile, which sounds geeky because it is. But it means one highly important thing: if you get in the car without your wallet or keys, your car will inform you of this. Read More >>

Land Rover Has Come Up With a Way to Make Trailers Invisible

Driving with a trailer in tow leaves with you a gigantic blind spot directly behind your vehicle. So to make it easier to keep an eye on traffic following you, Land Rover has come up with a way to make trailers appear to be transparent using strategically placed cameras. Read More >>

The New Range Rover Was Driven Through the Crossrail Tunnel, for Reasons

We've heard plenty about London's Crossrail tunnel over the past few years, things like how it's going to trim 15 minutes off travelling into London, and how its Europe's biggest infrastructure project yet. Parts of the tunnel are nearly complete, so Land Rover decided it would be a good idea to drive the new Range Rover through them. Naturally. Read More >>

This Topographic Calendar Turns Your To-Do List Into an Actual Mountain

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed with all the work on your plate, it's probably a bad idea to keep track of it all on this lovely calendar Land Rover had made. Using the topography elevation lines you'd find on a 2D map as inspiration, this calendar ends up looking like a genuine miniature mountain on your desk, with every day of the year represented as a new tear-away layer. Read More >>

Jaguar Land Rover’s AR Windshield Will Tell You When to Brake and When to Floor It

Land Rover's windshield experiments have already been pretty impressive -- remember the concept that would make your car's bonnet appear transparent to make it easier to avoid potholes? But what if you're on a silky-smooth race track, looking to perfect your performance? Read More >>