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Rush Hour at Heathrow Means a Never-Ending Line of Aeroplanes

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, so it’s no surprise that during the morning rush you’ll see a line of aeroplanes swarming around, patiently waiting to land on its runways. This video from TopFelya shows 30 minutes of morning arrivals, with a new plane coming in every other minute. Read More >>

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You Can’t Even See the Plane Trying to Land Through This Impossibly Thick Fog

What the hell. The fog at Gatwick Airport was seemingly eating up any aeroplane that was trying to land on the runway. Some of the planes appeared to disappear into the unknown, never to be seen again (they were probably sent around). Others were able to land when the fog cleared up a bit, but still, that’s a scary time to be in the air. Read More >>

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Watch a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Land Without One of its Landing Gears

A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 had to make an emergency landing earlier yesterday at Gatwick Airport, when its right landing gear got stuck. Amazingly enough, the pilots managed to keep control with only three of the four gears in place. Read More >>

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You Have to be a Bit Insane to Land in This Dutch Airport

Gilze-Rijen is—according to The Aviationist—one of the airports with the lowest final approaches in the world. They get so low that, when you are there, you think they are going to touch down on the road that crosses the head of the runway. And in fact, that has happened. Read More >>

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Don’t Watch This Airplane Landing if You’re Afraid of Flying

Bilbao. Great city, great people, great food—and one of the worst airports in the world.* The winds over its runways are crazy. Check out this video of an aborted landing filmed last Friday. Madness. Read More >>

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Man, Watching Aeroplanes Take Off and Land Is Like Playing a Video Game

This timelapse video shows the controlled chaos that is airplanes taking off and landing. If you ever played Flight Control on your phone, it's pretty much as impossible as that. It's incredible how nerve-wrackingly efficient the whole process is. I promise to shut my mouth next time I wonder why my plane's stuck on a runway, honest. [Craigiest via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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How the Hell Did This Helicopter Land on a Barrier?

Helicopters aren't supposed to do this. I know this because I've seen too many military movies (Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty) where the chopper nosedives into destruction. They're sensitive machines. You need a clear landing pad! You need an open target! You don't land a freaking helicopter on a motorway barrier. Or do you? Read More >>

Experience Mars Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror With Your Own Body

On August 5, NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover team will live seven minutes of absolute terror. Until then, however, they are all playing this new Kinect-based Mars Rover Landing game. Or maybe not, because that would only make them ever more nervous. Read More >>

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This Photo Will Make You Brace For Impact

I love this image of a Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft just one second from landing on the very hard soil of the tundra near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. A perfect peaceful still moment—the calm before the rocking rumpus. Read More >>

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Terrifying Landings in 62MPH Crosswinds

Last Wednesday, a huge storm system arrived in Spain. In Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain, airplanes were forced to land under 62mph crosswinds. Some of the landings had to be aborted, like the third plane in this video. Read More >>

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This Looks Like the Most Difficult Landing In the World Indeed

Flight Global's Jon Ostrower posted videos of three different kinds of airplane approaches and landings. The first one is the most spectacular, as a Airbus A320 approaches Bhutan's airport zooming, close to 3,500m mountains. Fast forward to 5:39. Read More >>