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Trump Regime Wants to Lift a Ban on Most U.S. Landmines

The Trump regime is lifting an Obama-era ban on America’s deployment of most landmines in warzones, according to a new report from CNN as well as a cable from the U.S. State Department that was leaked to Vox. Read More >>

Detonating Landmines Is Better for the Environment Than Deactivating Them, Research Suggests

Scottish and Australian researchers have found surprising evidence that detonating landmines, lethal explosives that leech toxic chemicals into soil, may actually be better for the environment than removing them outright. Their paper appears in the journal PLoS One. Read More >>

Researchers Made Bionic Spinach Plants That Can Help Detect Deadly Land Mines

Popeye was right when it came to the health benefits of spinach, but that simple sailor man couldn’t have predicted this unorthodox use of the superfood. Researchers at MIT have found a way to use spinach to detect explosive materials in soil, potentially making the plant a safe way to detect landmines. Read More >>

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A 38-Tonne Custom Bulldozer Crushes Leftover Landmines

After decades of strife, occupation, and conflict, Afghanistan has been left pockmarked with an estimated ten million anti-personnel landmines in its soils. It's a bad situation. There are mines like the the Soviet PFM-1 "butterfly mine"— especially popular with small children, who mistake it for a toy. But an anti-mine machine from Komatsu is working across the country to help Afghanis literally save life and limb. Read More >>