A 6,000-Mile Panorama Of The Earth Is Pretty Beast

In April NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission took a huge panorama. From 438 miles above the Earth, the satellite shot a 6,000-mile-long, 120-mile-wide strip of planet from Russia to South Africa. It is aptly named ‘The Long Swath.’ Oh and it's 19.06 gigapixels. Read More >>

See the Last 20 Years of the Whole World in the Biggest Timelapse Yet

Google Earth wasn't around until about 2005, but with the power of archival satellite footage, Google's whipped up the most comprehensive timelapse known to man, covering the past 20 years of Earth. The ultimate, beautiful conclusion of this little project? Dope GIFs. Read More >>

The Five Most Beautiful Photographs of Earth According to NASA

The Landsat satellites have been watching Earth without interruption for a record 40 years. During that time they have acquired millions of amazing images of our home world, available for everyone in the planet. These are the five most beautiful ones, according to NASA. Read More >>

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Video from Space Shows the US Army Creating an Island In the Atlantic

The US Army has been creating an island since 1998 in the Atlantic Ocean—on the Eastern Seaboard. Slowly, the US Army Corps of Engineers built concrete dikes to establish its perimeter and then have spent more than decade filling them with mud. Read More >>