UFO Wingnuts Confuse a Fallen Boulder for a Crashed Alien Spacecraft

There’s a viral video making the rounds showing the site of an apparent crashed UFO on the remote island of South Georgia. On closer inspection, however, the object’s true identify is something considerably more banal: It’s just a stupid rock that fell from a nearby mountain. Read More >>

Cyclone Remnant Spawns Horrifying River of Rock in New Zealand

Earlier this week, a storm spawned by the former Cyclone Gita swept across New Zealand, damaging buildings, knocking out electricity, and creating floods. But along the Rakaia River, the storm triggered a bizarre natural phenomenon known as granular flow—essentially a raging river of rocks. Read More >>

Enormous Mudslide Devastates New Zealand Marine Reserve

New Zealand’s Kaikoura Canyon — known for its abundant seabed life — is now an undersea wasteland following a series of earthquake-induced mudslides. Read More >>

Enormous Pleistocene Landslide Discovered Off the Coast of Australia

Around 300,000 years ago, a ridge near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef collapsed, unleashing a massive undersea avalanche. The ensuing landslide scattered debris for miles and triggered a sizeable tsunami, according to new research. Read More >>

Enormous Landslide Detected in Alaska

An extraordinarily large landslide has been discovered near Glacier Bay in southeast Alaska. Aerial photos show a snow-capped mountain with a huge chunk taken out of it—and a debris field that extends for nearly seven miles Read More >>

Wow, What a Terrible Place to Build an Old People’s Home

Last month, the Cheval Roc Nursing and Residential Home opened atop a 100-foot-high coastal cliff. After heavy rains rocked the area last week, a significant portion of the cliff collapsed, prompting the inevitable question: Why the hell did the developers choose to build an old people's home in such a precarious spot? Read More >>

85 People Still Missing Following Another Industrial Disaster in China

Eighty-five people are still unaccounted for a day after a bizarre landslide struck the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Experts say the landslide was not a natural disaster, but rather a human-made catastrophe triggered by the excessive piling of industrial waste. Read More >>

What the Hell Caused This California Road to Suddenly Rise Up and Crumble?

A stretch of Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita has inexplicably lifted upwards over the course of just a few hours. Geologists are stumped. Read More >>