Enter the Wild, Disturbing, Alien-Busting World of the Astralnauts

If you follow pop culture at all, you’ve surely seen art shows based on your favourite movies and TV shows. What you haven’t seen is a pair of artists inventing their own pop culture property to make an art show about. And that’s what Alex Pardee and Matt Richie did. They created the Astralnauts. Read More >>

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Video: These Parkour Bike Tricks are Mental

There are a lot of good ways to experience a city. You can walk and enjoy the outdoors but that takes a bit of time. You could ride any above ground public transportation system but that traps you inside. You could drive a car but that makes you miss out on things as you focus on the road. Read More >>

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Watch Different Colours of Paint Spin Like Crazy on a Drill in Slow Motion

It’s like a beautiful, colourful ballet. The Slow Mo Guys dipped a power drill in different colours of paint and then captured it spinning in glorious slow motion. It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting in moving 3D. Read More >>

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A Microscopic View of Bubbles Gets Trippy Real Quick

The existence of bubbles is the universe's way of saying, 'hey, have fun'. Dogs totally understand. I never knew the existence of bubbles also encouraged us to trip the hell out too. Because when you look closer — like, microscope close — things get totally weird. And strange. But beautiful? Read More >>

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A Bird’s-Eye View of a Crazy Chinese Traffic Jam

Pain. Agony. Anger. Madness. To the point where you just start punching your steering wheel and try to rip off your car’s roof and scream. That’s what it must feel like going through this insane traffic jam just outside of Beijing, China. A checkpoint on the other side of the toll booth caused this ridiculousness to happen. Read More >>

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Smashing Jelly With a Tennis Racket is Slow Motion Gold

Tennis rackets are excellent at turning objects — namely, tennis balls — into blobs. What’s even cooler though, is when jelly is shot straight through the webbing and gets sliced and chopped into jiggly flying snake-like objects. Read More >>

NASA Says There’s Strong Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars

After a weekend of rampant speculation, NASA has confirmed our suspicions: There’s probably liquid water on Mars, today. The landmark finding makes the notion of life on the Red Planet all the more plausible. Read More >>

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How Does Half a Metre of Bullet-Proof Glass Stand Up to an RPG?

Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass (that's nearly half a metre of material) survive against a RPG-7 rocket launcher? Read More >>

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Incredible Close-Up Video Shows How a Ballpoint Pen Works

At the very tip of a ballpoint pen is, you guessed it, a ball that rolls around and basically stains the paper with ink. Read More >>

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Watch CGI Silly Putty Creatures Perform a Classic Playground Bundle

I can’t help but laugh when I watch these CGI silly putty creatures fall down and smack the ground and then have their buddy fall down on top of them and smack them and have another buddy fall down on both of them and smack them and then have them all sort of melt together in some sort of viscous congealed gooey mess. Read More >>

The Golden Glittering Fireworks of a Grenade Launcher Caught on Camera

It looks more like a flamethrower or a firework shooter but this is actually a firing M32 grenade launcher. It’s a picture of US Marines training Malaysian Armed Forces during a non-lethal weapons seminar. What perfect timing to capture this shot. [Flickr/Marines] Read More >>

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An Incredible Seven-Mile-Wide Solar System Depiction on a Dry Lake Bed

I’m at a loss for words. This project and accompanying short film, To Scale: The Solar System by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh, is so beautifully executed. The premise is simple: to build a solar system model to scale. The result, done on an empty 7-mile stretch on a dry lakebed in Nevada, is just awesome. Read More >>

China Shows Off its Military Force a Commemorative WW2 Parade

No country likes flexing its numbers in intimidatingly perfect choreographed coordination more than China. So to celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII ending in Asia, China held a striking military parade to show off their military might, marching down drones and missiles and aircraft and soldiers and all kinds of war machines as some way to sternly encourage peace. And probably to alert the world that if WWIII went down, that they’re more than ready. Read More >>

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Watch a Container Ship Beautiful Sail the Nighttime Seas in the Far East

I literally gasped in disbelief when I first saw this timelapse by Toby Smith of the Gunhilde Maersk at sea. It goes from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the night scenes are unbelievable. Read More >>

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A Perfectly Mirrored World is So Trippy to Witness

Sometimes the world in this video by Joe Pease is mirrored horizontally, like a city folding itself on top of itself. Other times, it’s mirrored vertically, like in perfect symmetry. Read More >>