Nerf’s New Laser Tag Blasters Ditched the Darts, and I Don’t Miss Them

Over-the-top Nerf battles are a fun and (mostly) painless way to determine who in the office has to buy the donuts this week. What’s not so fun is having to hunt down every last missing dart afterwards. Hasbro’s eliminated that hassle with its new Laser Ops Pro blasters; an updated version of laser tag that might feel like blasphemy to the Nerf name, but actually ends up being more fun than fighting with foam darts. Read More >>

star wars
How Star Wars Led to the Invention of Laser Tag

When Star Wars was released in May of 1977 it captured the imaginations of numerous people who would go on to change the world. One man, an inventor named George Carter, was inspired to change the ways in which teens screwed around in their free time — he invented Laser Tag. Read More >>

Laser Tag is Back With a Slightly More Fashionable Uniform

The original Laser Tag game was a huge hit back in the 1980s, though the campy ray guns, clunky helmet, and embarrassing sensor vest just aren't fashion forward these days. But it's still fun—which is why ThinkGeek has resurrected the old game, giving it an updated look that includes a stylish windbreaker jacket, smaller sensors, and an arm-mounted laser blaster. Read More >>

Why Weren’t These Awesome iPhone-Equipped Laser Tag Guns Available When I Was a Kid?

We had the original Nerf foam dart guns when I was a kid, for when your Super Soaker just wasn’t allowed in the house. But these new Nerf Laser Tag guns that let you slot your iPhone in the top for some augmented reality blasting would have totally blown my little 11-year-old mind. Read More >>