MIT Engineers Create Laser Ultrasounds That Can Look Inside Your Body Without You Even Feeling It

Engineers at MIT have come up with a new approach to medical imaging that is both non-invasive and hands-off the patient. Using lasers, they can peer beneath the surface of the skin without any physical contact required, improving upon the limitations of equipment like ultrasound machines. Read More >>

YouTuber Buys a Laser on eBay That’s So Terrifyingly Powerful, It Instantly Fries His Camera

You can now add ‘30 million-watt peak power tattoo removing laser’ to the long list of things you probably shouldn’t be able to buy on eBay. YouTuber Drake Anthony, better known as Styropyro, is an expert on all things lasers, and even he was taken aback by the power of a laser that he, or really anyone, can buy on eBay. Read More >>

Watch Wild Fish Chase a Laser Pointer

Laser pointers: they’re not just for taunting cats anymore. Marine researchers claim that at least some species of wild fish will dutifully chase a laser point on the seabed. And what’s more, this quirk might help scientists better understand how these fish protect their homes. Read More >>

Epson’s New Short Throw Laser Projector Includes a Special Screen to Bounce Away Overhead Lighting

Projectors can be a cheaper and far more convenient way to put a gigantic 100+ inch TV in your living room. But to get an image that rivals an LCD or OLED TV, you can’t just point them at a bare wall. So with its new LS500 short-throw 4K laser projector, Epson is including a perfectly-sized ambient light rejecting screen that promises deep blacks and vivid colours. Read More >>

Pew-Pew: What Do Lasers Actually Sound Like?

If you’ve ever watched a science-fiction movie, you might think you know what lasers sound like: some variation of a noise you could write as “pew.” But, you’ve used a laser pointer, right? Did it go “pew”? Read More >>

This Compact System Lets Scientists See Biological Molecules in a Whole New Way

Researchers have combined laser techniques and an ingenious detection scheme in order to create a powerful new molecule-imaging system—a quicker, easier way to determine the identity of microscopic molecules. Basically, it’s an advanced yet surprisingly simple microscope. Read More >>

How Scientists Made a Laser Beam That Can Pass Through White Paint

It’s not quite seeing through walls, but scientists are working to engineer light beams so that they can pass through an opaque medium without scattering, according to a new paper. Read More >>

PSA: Self-Driving Cars Can Ruin Your Camera

Walking round the massive tech cornucopia that is CES taking pictures of all kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets is one of the great pleasures of being a geek. But for robotics engineer Jit Ray Chowdhury, it was an easy way to break his £1,000 camera. Read More >>

How Plants Produce Oxygen Revealed by ‘Tour-de-Force’ Laser Measurement

An experiment using intense laser pulses has allowed scientists to watch plants produce oxygen from water as part of photosynthesis in real time, according to a groundbreaking new paper. Read More >>

A Visit to One of the Most Powerful Lasers on Earth

The winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics didn’t just make discoveries. Their revolutionary work turned powerful lasers into ubiquitous lab tools. The day of the announcement earlier this month, I’d already planned to visit the tennis-court sized Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator, or BELLA, which uses one of the Nobel-winning methods to create one of the most powerful laser pulses on Earth. Read More >>

Donna Strickland, Third Woman to Ever Win Nobel Prize in Physics, Helped Make Awesome Laser Tool

Scientists Arthur Ashkin from the US-based Bell Labs, Gérard Mourou from École Polytechnique in France, and Donna Strickland from the University of Waterloo in Canada shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering work in laser physics. Strickland is the third female physics laureate ever, after Maria Goeppert Mayer in 1963, and the third including Marie Curie in 1903. Read More >>

Nerf’s New Laser Tag Blasters Ditched the Darts, and I Don’t Miss Them

Over-the-top Nerf battles are a fun and (mostly) painless way to determine who in the office has to buy the donuts this week. What’s not so fun is having to hunt down every last missing dart afterwards. Hasbro’s eliminated that hassle with its new Laser Ops Pro blasters; an updated version of laser tag that might feel like blasphemy to the Nerf name, but actually ends up being more fun than fighting with foam darts. Read More >>

China Claims to Have a Real-Deal Laser Gun That Inflicts ‘Instant Carbonisation’ of Human Skin 

As the US prepares for war in space, China’s bringing the space war home. Its ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is reportedly capable of hitting a target from a kilometre away, igniting flammable objects, and burning through human skin. And it’s ready for production, the researchers behind the project claim. Read More >>

Record-Breaking Laser Experiment Could Teach Us About the Cores of Super-Earths

An enormous laser targeted for shutdown by proposed federal budget cuts has just done some record-breaking science in order to understand the centres of faraway exoplanets that scientists call “super-Earths.” Read More >>

Jaywalking in China Can Get You Hit with a Stream of Water

Law enforcement officers in the city of Daye in China’s Hubei province recently installed five bright yellow posts at one of the city’s busiest intersections. The new instalments come fully equipped with a number of methods meant to deter walkers from committing the unforgivable crime of jaywalking. Read More >>