Can You Laugh to Death?

True laughter—not the strained, polite variant you find in offices, or the monotonous guffawing you hear on comedy podcasts, but real, involuntary, gasping laughter—is an escape from death, or at least the dread of it: you can think about death while laughing hysterically, can even, if you’re a sociopath, watch someone die while laughing hysterically, but it’s safe to say that, in that moment, your own death will not seem so frightening. And so of course the question is: can the act of laughing itself kill you, specifically with an aneurysm or a heart attack? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of doctors to find out. Read More >>

Human Babies Laugh Just Like Chimpanzees

The world is bad, but babies remain good. Read More >>

A Japanese Medical Centre Is Testing Laughter As A Cancer Treatment

Is laughter the best medicine? Well, no, clearly it's not. But Osaka Medical Centre for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases in Japan intends to find out whether it can have a beneficial effect on people with cancer, by hosting comedy shows at its new facility. Read More >>