Google Now
Google Release Now Launcher for all Android Devices

Google just released its previously Nexus 5-exclusive "Google Now Launcher" for all stock Android devices. That includes the always-listening-at-least-when-you-are-on-the-homescreen Google Now functionality. You can get it on the Play Store. Read More >>

Facebook Suggests You “Turn off” Home if You’ve Had Enough and Want a Normal Phone

Facebook's reassuring its users that they're not stuck with using its Facebook Home interface forever, telling social fans it's easy to turn it all off. Which surely goes against the entire point of the thing? Read More >>

This Woman Had a Live Fragmentation Grenade Stuck Inside Her Face

Karla Flores was peacefully selling seafood on the street when she heard an explosion. An object hit her face, knocking her down. When she woke up she was in a hospital with a live fragmentation grenade stuck inside her face. Read More >>