Honor 10 Hands On: The Phone With a Photo Mode Specifically for Pandas

Huawei's youth brand Honor has cut the ribbon on its 2018 flagship smartphone, and it's a beauty. The Honor 10 was launched at a glossy event in London's Billingsgate, with the strapline 'Beauty in AI'. That refers to the dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) which powers the artificial intelligence in the dual rear camera. Read More >>

This Launch of 20 Satellites at Once Is All the Space Porn You Need Today

India just sent twenty satellites into space at once, the most the country has ever launched in a single go. The record is certainly impressive. The photo documentation of the satellites blasting off to the heavens is simply incredible. Read More >>

This 2-Minute 4K Supercut of SpaceX Launches is Some Great Rocket Porn

SpaceX has been kind enough to release this two-minute supercut of its Falcon 9 rocket launches in the gloriously high-def 4K format. I hope your connection's up to it, because 4K space porn is the best kind of space porn. Read More >>

1960s Soviet Rocket Engine Explodes in 2014

An unmanned privately-owned rocket bringing supplies to the ISS has exploded just after launch, which isn't a huge surprise given it was using rocket engines originally manufactured in the 1960s for the aborted Soviet moonshot programme. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Mastermind Leaves Microsoft for… Zynga

Don Mattrick, the gangly smiling man who introduced Xbox One to the world in its calamitous, TV-themed unveiling, and continued putting his foot in his mouth during the following weeks, has left Microsoft. He's the new boss of casual gaming company Zynga. Let the jumped or pushed debate begin. Read More >>

Watch All the Space Shuttle Launches at Once

Today marks one year since Atlantis roared on Launch Pad 39A en route to the International Space Station. It was the last of the 135 launches in the history of the space shuttle program. Here is an amazing video that shows them all at the same time. Read More >>

“Hallo Deutschland. Hier ist Spotify”

Europe's favourite streaming music provider is now available in Germany, the 13th European country to gain access to the services of the on-demand tune provider. Read More >>