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There’s an Epic Space Battle Happening Inside This Star Wars Lava Lamp

Staring at a lava lamp is a mesmerising experience, even for those who haven’t taken anything to free their minds. But this Star Wars-themed lava lamp replaces those floating blobs of goo with glitter shaped like tiny X-wings and TIE Fighters, creating a never-ending space battle you can stare at forever. Read More >>

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Dropping a GoPro In a Lava Lamp Is Like Peering Inside a Beating Human Heart

As relaxing as a lava lamp is to watch from the outside, from the inside it’s a whole other level of mesmerising. You’d assume that dropping a GoPro in a working lava lamp would be like diving into an active volcano, but the footage is more akin to peering inside a beating human heart as blood cells swirl all around you. Read More >>