Extremely Rare Lava Lake Discovered on Remote British Island

Satellite images have confirmed the presence of a persistent lava lake within the crater of Mount Michael – an active volcano located on a remote island in the Southern Ocean. Read More >>

Hottest, Fastest Lava Yet Prompts Further Evacuations in Hawaii

Residents of two Big Island communities have been advised to evacuate, as fast-moving magma from the Kilauea volcano threatens the few remaining escape routes. “Heed evacuation orders,” warned Hawaii’s mayor, “or you’re on your own.” Read More >>

Creeping Lava Now Threatens Major Hawaiian Power Plant

Molten lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has entered the grounds of Puna Geothermal Venture, a geothermal power plant that provides about 25 per cent of the Big Island’s power. Read More >>

Eruption of Kilauea Volcano Triggers Mandatory Evacuations on Hawaii’s Big Island

The governor of Hawaii has declared a local state of emergency in the vicinity of the Mount Kilauea volcano following an eruption late yesterday on the state’s Big Island. Dramatic video footage of the eruption showed plumes of magma shooting into the air, while lava poured from a fissure that opened up near a residential area. Read More >>

Massive Lava Waves Detected on Jupiter’s Moon Io

Io is the closest thing we have to hell in our Solar System, a Jovian moon that features hundreds of active volcanoes and expansive lakes filled with lava. New observations suggests that the largest of these lakes, Loki Patera, produces enormous waves that repeatedly flow around the molten surface. Read More >>

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Have You Ever Really Looked at Lava Falling Into the Ocean?

Now here’s a thing. Have you ever really looked at lava falling into the ocean? I mean, really looked at it? Read More >>

Hawaii’s Epic Lava ‘Fire Hose’ Has Returned With a Vengeance

Late last week, a cliff collapse extinguished the dramatic lava flow streaming out of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. We have some good news to report, however: It’s back! Some incredible new footage of the hellish gusher shows it’s alive and well. Read More >>

Lava Gushing Into the Ocean Looks Like Delicious Tropical Punch

A month ago, a lava tube on the Hawaiian island of Kilauea was exposed after a large chunk of hardened magma broke off and fell into the ocean. Since then, molten lava has been pouring into the sea like delicious tropical punch from some magical never-ending juice box. Read More >>

A Popular Lava Viewing Area Just Collapsed Into the Ocean

“Lava viewing area” sounds like a feature of your favourite Super Mario game, but it’s also a real thing in Hawaii, where you can watch the Kilauea shield volcano spew its fiery guts right into the ocean from a cliff. Or at least, you were able to do that, until the cliff in question crumbled into the ocean on New Years’ Eve. Read More >>

The Only Way This Guy Could Get Closer to Lava is Showering in It

I have seen some crazy closeup volcano photography before, but this is madness. Kawika Singson has gone closer to lava than I have ever seen. Watch this footage of hot lava spilling right into the ocean while he's on the water just a few feet away. Read More >>

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Here’s Your Adorable First Look at Pixar’s Upcoming Short

"Lava" is the Disney Pixar short that will première before the feature-length film Inside Out next summer. Judging by this first sneak peek, it's going to be absolutely adorable. Read More >>

This Extremely Dangerous Lava Surf Photography is Completely Worth the Risk

CJ Kale is reportedly the first person ever to photograph lava entering the ocean from the surf, swimming near the scalding water and avoiding lava bombs just a few from where he was standing. Needless to say, the risk of dying is huge but his photographs are awesome. Read More >>

Watch a Chunk of Lava Stone Get Grafted Onto a Carbon Fibre Bench

The making-of video for Peugeot Design Lab's latest project contains no words—it doesn't need any, since it shows every step of the process: from blasting a huge chunk of volcanic stone from its resting place to crafting a piece of carbon fibre to perfectly fit the rock's jagged profile. The resulting bench looks like like something that might've emerged from the sand in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read More >>

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The Frozen Lava Flows of Mars

This might seem like some kind of psychedelic artwork — but you're actually looking a hundreds of individual lava flows, frozen in time on the side of Olympus Mons on Mars. Read More >>

There Is Such Thing As DIY Molten Lava and It’s Awesome

You know what's always amazing? Lava. The power of that liquid molten burning is stunning and out of this world—when you see it, you feel like you're getting a peek of hell. You know what's even more amazing? That people are making their own molten lava. Read More >>