University Very, Very Sorry It Gave Lab Students ‘Easily Fatal’ Doses of Caffeine

During a lab test at Northumbria University last March, sports science students were supposed to receive around 300 milligrams of caffeine. Due to a misplaced decimal point, prosecutors say two of them were given 30,000 milligrams—equal to 300 cups of coffee or almost twice the generally recognised lethal dose—instead. And now the university is so, so sorry. Read More >>

Alternative Porn Categories Are Facing a UK Ban

‘Non-conventional’ internet porn is set to be banned in the UK, which may or may not positively impact the nation’s productivity. Read More >>

The War With Extraterrestrials Will Begin in France

With UFO sightings on the rise and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman leading a push to reveal more classified info on extraterrestrial life, one small town in France wants to potentially ruin it for us all. Read More >>

FBI Says Russia Hacked the Democrats to Influence the US Election

The US Intelligence Community is confident the Russian government was behind recent hacks against the Democratic National Committee that compromised thousands of emails from top DNC members. Read More >>

Teenage Terror Suing Parents Over Facebook Baby Photos

Boo-hoo, unnamed (for legal reasons) Austrian teenager, boo-fricking-hoo. An 18-year-old terror is taking her parents to court, because they keep posting ever-so-slightly embarrassing pictures of her as a baby on Facebook. Read More >>

British Citizens May Soon Need a £50 Visa to Travel to Europe

Ah, balls. Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving, means that Brits may soon have to apply for and purchase a travel visa in order to go on holiday in Europe. Read More >>

Police and Security Services Made 1,119 Errors Intercepting Communications Data in 2015

A report from interception of communications commissioner Sir Stanley Burnton shows that the police and security services acquired 761,702 items of communications data -- including details relating to mobile and landline calls and web activities -- in 2015. Read More >>

Apple Hit With Record Penalty For Illegal Irish Tax Arrangement [Updated]

The big news today is that a mega-rich company that’s done its utmost to pay as little as possible in taxes will have to pay a perfectly manageable fine if it’s found to have done anything naughty. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer to Require Licence Fee From September

The so-called ‘iPlayer loophole’ is set to be closed on September 1st. From the beginning of next month, you’ll need to have paid the £145.50 per year TV licence fee in order to use the BBC’s catchup service. Read More >>

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How Does Maritime Law Actually Work?

A country’s territorial waters reach twelve miles off its coast, which means it can make up the rules there. Twelve miles beyond that is the contiguous zone where the country can only enforce laws regarding customs, taxation, immigration, and pollution. Up to 200 nautical miles off the coast is the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which is sort of international waters but only that country has the rights to harvest the natural resources there. One country, three different levels of laws over the ocean. Read More >>

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You Don’t Break Han Solo’s Leg and Get Away With it

Han Solo’s leg has been avenged, with Disney subsidiary Foodles Production (UK) Ltd pleading guilty to two criminal charges relating to that accident on the set of The Force Awakens in June 2014. Read More >>

Amazon’s UK Delivery Drone Trial Will Focus on Three Key Problems

Amazon and the government have announced a new trial for delivery drones in the UK. The retail giant will bankroll the tests, which it says will be focused on solving three key problems. Read More >>

For the First Time, Someone’s Been Jailed for Using Drones to Smuggle Goods Into Prisons

Daniel Kelly, you’ve gone down in history. The 37-year-old has become the first person in the UK to be convicted for using a drone to smuggle naughty stuff into prisons. Read More >>

UK Teen Behind Bomb Hoaxes and Cyberattacks Spared Jail

A 16-year-old from Plymouth with mad computer skills has been handed a surprisingly lenient sentence of a two-year rehabilitation order, despite causing chaos with a string of online threats and cyberattacks. After all, you can now get 10 years behind bars for piracy. Read More >>

WikiLeaks Suffering ‘Sustained Attack’ Ahead of Major Turkey Government Leaks

WikiLeaks says its infrastructure is under attack from unknown sources, with a Turkish state power faction or ally almost certainly behind the trouble. Read More >>