The EU Might Force Phone Makers to Include Removable Batteries

One of the things a lot of people lament about the new rage of fancy smartphones with fancy features is the fact that the phones are all completely sealed up and you can't get one with a removable battery anymore. You know, because swapping out a flat battery is a lot faster and easier than connecting it to a big chonky battery pack. Read More >>

Wales Approves Ban on Smacking Kids

Wales has joined Scotland in banning the smacking of children by their parents even if they've done something extremely terrible with a football to dad's greenhouse, thanks to the Welsh Assembly passing a bill that includes laws to outlaw the physical punishment of kids. Read More >>

Court Case Conclusively Proves a Hash Brown is Not a Phone

Giz UK's Hero of the Day award goes to Connecticut's Jason Stiber, who's paid "significant" legal fees out of his own pocket to prove he was eating a hash brown as he drove, and not talking on his phone. Read More >>

Uber Wins Round 742 in Legals with London Cabbies

Representatives of London's black cab drivers have lost their latest court battle against pantomime transport villain Uber, leaving the situation basically unchanged and everyone allowed to carry on being as angry as usual. Read More >>

Churches Won’t Have to Have Sunday Services Anymore

A 400-year old law mandating that all churches had to hold a weekly service on Sundays has been changed after the Bishop of Willesden called it "out of date." Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Fly a Drone Within Three Miles of an Airport

The government has announced that it'll be illegal to faff about with drones within a three-mile radius of UK airports, after some plonker at Gatwick messed up everyone's holidays. Read More >>

US Department of Justice Charges Huawei, Alleging Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Theft of Trade Secrets

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday announced two indictments against the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, which it said is accused of theft of trade secrets, obstructing justice, and lying to banks over its alleged non-compliance with U.S. sanctions against Iran. Read More >>

The EU Has Taken Away McDonalds’ Trademark on ‘Big Mac’

We don't see true David v Goliath victories in the courts very often these days – sadly it's often a case of 'whoever has the most money gets the best result.' But a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's has just managed to get the mighty McDonalds' trademark on 'Big Mac' overturned across the whole of Europe. Read More >>

Leaving House Derisked as YouTuber Banned from Theme Parks, Bridges and Buildings

YouTuber Ally Law, who made a name for himself recording videos of bantering derring-do in legal grey areas, has been banned from entering UK theme parks and TV studios, lest he disrupt processes and incur massive security and clean-up costs. Read More >>

gig economy
Sorry, Deliveroo Drivers: No Group Negotiation For You, Says High Court

Working out the finer legal points of the gig economy has been a key pastime for the UK legal system over the last couple of years, and it's just upheld a previous ruling that Deliveroo drivers are not employed by the company and therefore can't negotiate as a group. Read More >>

London TV Company Openly Discriminates Against Anti-Trump, People’s Vote Protesters

Discrimination in UK business is very much still in existence, but few companies are as open about it as London-based Sense The Future Pictures, a "television and communications business" based in Covent Garden. Read More >>

Electric Shock Collars for Dogs Are Getting Banned in England

The government has announced that electric shock collars, frequently used as a 'training tool' for pets, are to be banned. The ban in England follows Scotland, who banned the collars earlier this year, and Wales, where the use of such collars has been illegal since 2010. They are also banned in several other countries, including Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Ban Children From Owning and Flying Drones

For a while the government has been scrambling to try and figure out what it should do about regulating drones, especially since there are dumb fucks out there that think it's still acceptable to fly them into planes. We already know that there are laws in the works that would prevent anyone owning a drone over 250 grams without registering and passing some sort of proficiency test, but now the government would like to stop children from flying them too. Read More >>

Police are Predictably Annoyed About Apple’s Plan to Turn Off USB Data Access on iPhones

Tech giant Apple is reportedly planning to prevent anyone who wants to gain access to a encrypted iOS device via techniques like Cellebrite’s GrayKey phone-hacking box by introducing an option to lock USB data access an hour after it’s locked, essentially turning iPhones, iPads, and iPods into sealed black boxes. Officials in the law enforcement community, which has been scaremongering about Apple’s encryption technology for years over the objections of actual tech experts, aren’t happy about it. Read More >>

Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Choose to Legalise Online Gambling, But Block All Foreign Sites

Switzerland has elected to allow online casinos, though a newly approved law intends to keep foreign operations from sharing in the take. Read More >>