Grass Printer Turns Your Overgrown Lawn Into an Art

Mowing the lawn ranks among the least enjoyable chores for a homeowner. But you can appease the neighbours who won’t stop complaining about your unkempt garden with this Grassffiti machine that grooms different designs into the surface of your lawn. Read More >>

Shockingly, Salem’s Plan to Unleash 75 Lawncare Goats on the City Did Not End Well

Salem has shuttered its programme that turned park landscaping responsibilities over to a crew of several dozen goats, after the goats ran amok, drove away park visitors, and cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. Who could have predicted the plan would go so poorly? Read More >>

Find Out How Many Goats (or Guinea Pigs) It Would Take to Mow Your Lawn

As fun as it is to cut your lawn with a riding mower, they can be expensive to operate and maintain. Even the push variety end up costing you in the manual labour department, so you might want to consider putting a team of animals to the task. Read More >>