New Cartoon Aims to Teach 7-Year-Olds About Copyright Infringement

There's a lot of things that kids need to learn, but I'm not sure copyright infringement would rate highly on the list. Some disagree though, as the Intellectual Property Office has come up with a series of short animated videos to teach kids about copyright and trademarking. Read More >>

Local Faked Council Parking Signs to Keep Commuters Away

A person in Bath, driven mad by outsiders dumping their cars on his or her road, has created their own restricted parking area — Zone F. Zone F doesn't actually exist, but the parking signs this road vigilante made look very authentic indeed. Read More >>

Dyson Sues Former Exec for Allegedly Leaking Secrets

Charles Dyson is about to sue his former right-hand man, accusing the company's recently departed chief executive of leaking confidential product information to... we don't know who. Someone in China that also makes hand dryers, probably. Read More >>

Dartmoor Bans Drones

The managers of the big lump of fields and hills that make up the Dartmoor National Park are on the warpath against drones, and have used an old by-law to ban the operation of the expensive little manchild toys. Read More >>

Queen Reported for Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Some random member of the public has tried to grass up the Queen, after noticing that she didn't appear to be wearing a seatbelt during the slow public commute between palaces to deliver her annual speech to the House of Lords, as part of the State Opening of Parliament. Read More >>

British Safety Authorities Compile Laws of Robotics 2.0

The British Standards Institute has decided it's time the world of robots had some official laws, so it's presented a few guidelines in the dull form of official guidance paper BS 8611:2016 Robots and Robotic devices, a paper described as being a "guide to the ethical design and application of robots and robotic systems." Read More >>

Department for Transport Blew £70k on Snapchat Filters

The latest chapter in the THINK! be-careful-at-driving campaign saw the government's road police buy some custom Snapchat filters earlier this year, filters that cost quite a lot of money for something everyone immediately identified as worthy, sensible advice, and therefore ignored. Read More >>

Celebrate The Queen’s Birthday With Two Extra Hours of Pub Time

English and Welsh pubs will be opening late as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations this summer, with the government deciding that staying out a bit later than usual and squeezing in an extra three pints might be exactly how the nation is planning to celebrate the joyous occasion. Read More >>

IATA Says Drones Pose a “Growing Threat” to Passenger Planes

The boss of the trade body that represents the aviation authority is getting seriously worried about the threat of drones interfering with passenger planes, saying the novelty gifts of the super-rich and flight hobbyists are frequently seen buzzing airports and giving pilots cause for concern. Read More >>

Looks Like Airbnb Manipulated its Own Data to Appear Less Evil

Airbnb decided to voluntarily release data in December to show just how much of a boon to the local economy the service can be. The problem: Airbnb apparently tampered with the data before they released it. Read More >>

Dad Not Guilty of iPhone Confiscation ‘Crime’

A man who confiscated his daughter's iPhone as punishment for sending a mean message about his new partner has been given the all clear, with a judge throwing out a charge of theft brought by the child's furious mother. Read More >>

Europe Has New Data Protection Laws Ready for 2018

It's taken three years to negotiate the demands and wording and will need another two years to be implemented across all states, but the EU will soon have a new, modern data protection policy, to update the current clunky 1995 model that still thinks cookies are primarily an Americanised biscuit. Read More >>

Sleepy Driver Alarms Could Become a Mandatory Car Safety Feature

Trying to beat the traffic by leaving at 11:30pm to pull an all-nighter drive to Cornwall or Glasgow or Wales or somewhere, like you're Richard Hammond doing a funny thing where he races the post train? The cars of tomorrow might be able to help, with new tech to check whether drivers are nodding off possibly about to become mandatory. Read More >>

How to Beat England’s 5p Shopping Bag Charge

England has joined Wales and Scotland in charging shoppers 5p a time for plastic bags from today, in a hope that it'll reduce the supply of a staggering 7.6bn carrier bags that are used each year to carry our stuff home. Read More >>

Legal Group Attacks Plans to Raise Piracy Sentences to 10 Years

Remember last month when the government decided that it was going to extend the maximum jail sentence for pirates to 10 years? A legal group has come out and told the government what everybody else was thinking: that it's a fucking stupid idea. Read More >>