Once Friends, Google and Sonos Are Now Suing Each Other

Google, bored of constantly duking it out with Apple and Amazon, is now suing Sonos – though, to be fair, Sonos did sue Google first. Read More >>

Amazon Manager Was Asked to Perform Racial Profiling, Lawsuit Alleges

Until recently, Lisa McCarrick was a loss prevention manager at Amazon, albeit one who alleges she was compensated significantly less than men who held her title prior, and her male subordinates. But in a wrongful termination lawsuit, filed yesterday in her home state of California, McCarrick references a pattern of superior-sanctioned profiling. Read More >>

Nasty Adobe Bug Deleted £200,000-Worth of Man’s Files, Lawsuit Claims

A freelance videographer has filed a class action lawsuit against Adobe on behalf of mortified users that watched their files vanish due to a bug in video-editing software Premiere Pro. Even if this nightmare scenario hasn’t come up yet, all Premiere users should take note. Read More >>

Bragi’s Lawsuit Continues, Asks Court to Block OnePlus’s ‘Dash’ Products That are No Longer On Sale

At the end of last month Chinese phone maker OnePlus was hit with a lawsuit from German headphone maker Bragi. The audio company had issue with the fact OnePlus's fast-charging system was called 'Dash', which is the same name as the Bragi's wire-free earbuds. The weird thing is OnePlus had already phased out the Dash Charge brand, and it only gets weirder from there. Read More >>

Facebook Sued by Former Content Moderator Over ‘Debilitating PTSD’

Facebook likes to outsource its most egregious issues, and weeding out the platform’s gruesome and graphic content is no exception. On Friday, a former Facebook content moderator sued the social network, alleging that she suffers from psychological trauma as a result of the job. Read More >>

Stan Lee Has Been Granted a 3-Year Restraining Order Against His Former Manager And Guardian

In the weeks since Stan Lee returned to the public eye and began distancing himself from his former manager and legal guardian Keya Morgan—a man Lee himself alleges tried to gain control of the Marvel legend’s considerable wealth—more details have come to light about Morgan’s behavior. Read More >>

Facebook Called Itself a ‘Publisher’ in Court After Repeatedly Rejecting the Label in Public

For years, Facebook has insisted that it isn’t a publisher or media company but rather is just a platform. That position appears to have changed in a recent court appearance. The Guardian pointed out the social media giant’s legal defence referred to it as a publisher to bolster its case in a lawsuit. Read More >>

Judge Rules White Supremacist Can Sue Twitter for Banning Him

A California judge decided Thursday not to throw out a lawsuit filed against Twitter that accused the company of violating the free speech rights of white supremacist Jared Taylor when Twitter banned him from the platform late last year. Read More >>

American Man Sues Pornhub for Ad Using His Money-Flashing Selfie

Pornhub has taken a strong stance against deepfakes, because the porn site understands that the machine-learning-generated videos that swap out performers’ faces with someone else’s are non-consensual. But a recent lawsuit accuses the company of running a person’s face in an advertisement without their consent. Read More >>

Judge Says Amazon Not Liable for Selling Exploding Hoverboards

A judge in Tennessee this week found that Amazon isn’t liable for the millions of dollars in damages caused by an exploding hoverboard that was sold through the company’s website. Read More >>

Amazon and Netflix Are Suing a Shady Streaming Service for $150,000 Per Copyright Violation

Amazon, Netflix, and several major Hollywood studios are all suing Set TV, a seemingly too-good-to-be-true streaming service that offers 500 channels for $20 per month. The copyright suit seeks $150,000 per work infringed, and it sure looks like they have a case against the cord-cutting company. Read More >>

BlackBerry Goes After Snapchat in Saddest Patent Lawsuit Ever

BlackBerry is gradually feeling out its new niche as a veritable patent troll. Following a complaint it filed against Facebook last month, the company has filed fresh litigation against Snap, creator of Snapchat, for allegedly infringing its messaging patents. Read More >>

Starbucks Must Tell Customers Its Coffee Contains a Cancer-Causing Ingredient, But Don’t Panic

Earlier today, a California Superior Court judge issued a ruling that’s bound to stress out lots of java drinkers—even if it probably shouldn’t. Companies like Starbucks will have to tell customers that their coffee can potentially cause cancer. Read More >>

Pepe the Frog Creator Files Lawsuit Against Infowars

Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, is continuing his copyright war against the alt-right by targeting Alex Jones’ Infowars in his latest lawsuit. The purveyors of conspiracy theories have been selling a poster that incorporates the cartoon frog into a collage of notable cartoon figures from the Infowars cast of characters. Read More >>

Blackberry Accuses Facebook of Patent Infringement, Seeks Injunction That Could Shut It Down

After allegedly trying to hold discussions with Facebook for the past “several years,” BlackBerry finally decided to take Facebook to court today, filing a patent infringement lawsuit against the social media giant. Read More >>