Netflix’s Spooky Locke & Key is What Happens When You Reimagine Modern Fairy Tales

The fact that Netflix’s adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s Locke & Key exists years after multiple failed attempts at bringing a series based on the comic books to different TV networks is a testament to the fact that the story of the Locke family has always been a fascinating one. It’s immediately apparent how much of the source material’s been reimagined for live action, because as much as Locke & Key honours the comics, it often feels as if the series’ creators approached the show with the intention of making it accessible to a much broader audience. Read More >>

In the Tall Grass is a Peculiar and Gross Addition to Stephen King’s Horror Pantheon

When Stephen King makes cars, animals, housekeepers, diseases, or clowns scary, it somehow all makes sense. Those things can actually be scary. But grass? Grass isn’t scary, right? Wrong. Read More >>