Amazon and Brita’s Wi-Fi Jug Automatically Buys New Filters

Amazon has teamed up with Brita to bring e-commerce straight into fridges of baying consumers: this new, internet-connected water receptacle automatically orders fresh Brita filters as soon as you need replacements. Read More >>

Roving Robotic Beds are the Best Way to Commute While You Sleep

We’ve all fantasised about sleeping comfortably on the way to work. And now, thanks to a new robot on exhibit in London, you can go anywhere without leaving your (robotic, moving) bed. Read More >>

Be the Laziest “Chef” Ever With Jamie Oliver’s New Philips Home Cook

Philips has made the lazy-man's dream come true with a gadget that does all the cooking for you. From slicing, to boiling, braising, steaming or frying, the Home Cook will apparently do it all, stirring as it goes. Read More >>

Netflix Launches ‘Post-play’ Experience to Make Your Lazy Days Even Lazier

By all that is lazy in the world, Netflix have just upped up the stakes by letting you watch back-to-back TV episodes, cutting down the end-credits and queueing up the next episode for your enjoyment. So that means all you have to do is just sit back, relax and worry about the food. Read More >>

GPS Chips That Work Indoors Will Mean You’ll Never Lose Your Nan Again (Unfortunately)

GPS navigation has made us all lazy mongrels when it comes to hitting the road, meaning we never, ever, have to faff around with a paper map ever again. And even pirates sailing the seven seas get some of that navigation love too. So when it comes to getting your shopping done, why not have a navigation system for that too? Read More >>