Sweden Leaks the Personal Information of Millions of Its Own Citizens

There are security fuck-ups and there are legendary security fuck-ups. This one clearly falls into the latter category. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven confirmed at a press conference on Monday that his administration potentially exposed the personal information of millions of Sweden’s citizens. Read More >>

This Is Reportedly the Magic Leap Prototype and It Has a Long Way to Go

Back in December, former employees of the super-secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap were circulating rumours that the company was way behind on its goals. Unless the plan is for users to wear a Ghostbusters-style proton pack, it certainly looks like that is true. Read More >>

Looks Like the Apple Watch 2 is Getting a Bigger Battery

There are quite a few criticisms levelled at the Apple Watch (and smartwatches in general), but the main issue people had was with the battery life. It would usually last though the day, but nobody wants to have to worry about charging their watch every night. Thankfully the second generation should be getting a welcome upgrade. Read More >>

Leak of New Amazon E-Reader Suggests It’s Flipping Cool

E-readers get a bad rap—probably because there are a lot of illiterate arseholes out there who hate reading. For the rest of us totally wicked people e-readers are amazing and Amazon’s rumoured announcement of a new e-reader is a cause to celebrate. Read More >>

This Guy’s Either Got Massive Hands or a 4-inch iPhone 6C

A video appearing to show off a shrunken version of the iPhone is making the rounds and adding fuel to the iPhone 6C/iPhone 5e fire. It’s being reported that somebody with Foxconn connections shot the 40-second clip, which involves a solitary hand fondling the handset, but sadly not switching it on. Read More >>

Here’s Proof (Maybe) that Half-Life 3 is Finally (Possibly) On its Way

Wooo, Half-Life 3 has been added to the Steam database, so everybody get excited. Actually, not too excited. In fact, return to your previous non-excited state. SteamDB's spotted a bunch of new titles that were recently added to the games platform, and Half-Life 3 is one of them. Read More >>

The Latest Fukushima Leak Was Unreported for Almost a Year

More reports, more mystery leaks, more questions about how little we really know about the incredible complexity of cleaning up a broken nuclear plant. Read More >>

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Leaked Demo Videos Show HTC’s New Flagship One M9 Phone Up Close and in Action

We already had a pretty good idea what HTC's next flagship smartphone, the One M9, is going to look like (spoiler alert: a lot like it's last flagship). But now, demo videos have leaked, on top of everything else. You can bet this is the real thing. Read More >>

Meet the Sony Hack Truthers

The Sony hack is a terrible, awful thing that's going to leave thousands of everyday employees dealing with the repercussions for years to come. But! At least there's a crazy, ranting, sheeple-slaying silver lining. Friends, allow us to introduce you to the Sony hack truthers. There are a lot of them! Read More >>

Concept Moleskine Notepad Ad Mocks Celeb Photo Leak

This not-real-but-quite-clever ad for Moleskine suggests you might want to buy a notepad and a pencil to write your ideas and fantasies in, to make sure they don't get stolen and distributed via anonymous internet forums. Read More >>

Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

A carbon dioxide leak in a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has killed one of its workers, according to Korean news agency Yonhap News. Read More >>

Quentin Tarantino Cancels His Next Film After Script for The Hateful Eight Leaks

You hear of movies leaking before they've hit cinemas all the time. But it's far more rare for a freshly printed script to fall into the wrong hands. But that's what's happened to Quentin Tarantino's new western The Hateful Eight. He's pissed -- so much so that the film has now been shelved. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Leaks Again for ‘Pre-Registration’ With a Full Spec List

Stop me if you've heard this before but... the Nexus 5, probably the most anticipated Android phone right now, popped up on the Internets before it was officially announced. In fact, it looks like the Nexus 5 has revealed its full spec list too. Can't we just start buying this phone already, Google Read More >>

Oops! Unannounced Sonos Play:1 Speaker Shows Up in a Retail Store

Last month, we learned via FCC filing that Sonos was brewing up the Sonos Play:1, a new, smaller wireless speaker. Sonos still hasn't said anything official about it, but that hasn't stopped it from showing up on Target shelves. Read More >>