Facebook Admits Its Trending Section Includes Topics Not Actually Trending on Facebook [Update: Zuck Speaks]

Facebook’s Trending news section includes topics that aren’t actually trending on Facebook, according to a statement from the company today. Read More >>

Here’s a Leaked ‘Space Grey’ Version of the Next Full-Sized iPad

We've already seen a possible 'Space Grey' version of the upcoming iPad Mini 2 floating around and now it's time for the big brother version to get covered in grey steel too. This grey is different than the usual silver seen on full-sized iPads mind you and if real, it would match up colour-wise with the 'Space Grey' iPhone 5S (which isn't quite black). Read More >>

Leaked iPad Mini 2 Casing Shows a Possible ‘Space Grey’ Version

So with the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced a new 'Space Grey' color that is its new black. Not in that tired fashionista way where trends are considered the new black but in a completely literal way in that Apple is calling its black 'Space Grey'. So maybe it's not surprising that a supposedly leaked iPad Mini 2 casing shows that it's also doused in 'Space Grey'. Read More >>

This Might Be the Nexus 5 Because It Looks Like That Leaked Nexus 5

This involves a meticulous combination of dots plus a mini-leap of faith but a LG phone with the name D820 just cleared the ranks of the US' FCC. Usually this wouldn't mean much to us but it does sort of, kind of look like the mysterious Nexus phone that popped up in the Android KitKat statue video that was pulled by Google. Read More >>

Here Are the Clearest Pictures of What’s Probably the Samsung Galaxy S IV

We've seen pictures and video of the Samsung Galaxy S IV already, but we haven't seen it  quite like this. In what's probably the clearest pictures of the S IV, if real, until it's announced this evening, we get to see what the powerful beast of a phone will look like in all its glory. Read More >>

The New Boxee TV Might Be the Set Top Box We’ve Been Waiting For: Live TV Broadcasts, DVR and More

We've been waiting for a set top box that could shake up the current craptastic boxes we're used to and/or do more than some of the neutered offerings available, and Boxee may have figured it out. Or at least done something different than throw out the same black square puck as everybody else. This leaked Boxee TV might be it. Maybe. Hopefully. Read More >>

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This Is What the Final Version of Windows Phone 8 Looks Like

We've seen a few Windows 8 phones in the flesh, namely the HTC 8X and 8S, plus Nokia's Lumia 920 and 820, but no one's had a chance to thoroughly poke around Microsoft latest and greatest yet. Until now that is; courtesy of a leaked, final WP8 SDK, meet Windows Phone 8. Read More >>

Alleged Photos of Final iPhone 5 Leak Just Before the Event

French site Nowhereelse claims to have found photos of what seems to be a complete, final version of the iPhone 5. It sure looks like a shiny iPhone 5 fresh out of the factory. Read More >>

Leaked Microsoft Document Reveals the Xbox 720, Kinect 2, and a Possible Google Glass Competitor

E3 has come and gone without any sign of the Xbox's successor. But a leaked Microsoft presentation, dating back to August of 2010, seems to indicate that the oft-rumoured Xbox 720 is definitely on the way, and is on track for a Christmas 2013 release complete with Kinect 2, more set-top box functionality, and a pair of enhanced glasses. Read More >>

A Little Pepper Is on Its Way From Sony

Sony’s got a new phone on the way and it's closer than you’d think. A press render has slipped out of an upcoming new Xperia phone codenamed the MT27i Pepper. It’s apparently aimed at a mid-range market and doesn’t look half-bad to boot. Read More >>

This Is What the iPad 3 Will Look Like If Leaked Parts Are Real

Chinese gadget site, MIC Gadget, has got its hands on some leaked front and rear plates, plus other bits and pieces, of the supposed iPad 3 and put them together. Unsurprisingly, the franken-gutless-iPad it looks just like an iPad 2, if a tad thicker, complete with a physical home button. Read More >>

Leaked Press Shot Shows HTC’s One X Quad-Core Monster Is Right Around the Corner

HTC’s reportedly got a trio of new phones on the way for MWC next week named the “One” series. A press shot of the biggest of them all, the 4.7-inch 720p HD-screened beast, the One X, has slipped out and you can tell it’s an HTC. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD Caught Out in the Wild Again

Sony Ericsson maybe going Sony-only from mid-2012, but the doomed partnership has one last phone up its sleeve and it's been photographed again -- this time with the screen on, and showing its true colours. Read More >>

BlackBerry Milan BB OS 10 Portrait Slider Image Leaked

RIM's BBX -- sorry -- BlackBerry OS 10 roadmap has codenamed devices named after fancy cities. We've already spied the London, but now the BlackBerry addicts over at CrackBerry have managed to get their mits on a leaked image of the latest in the metropolitan line, the BlackBerry Milan. Read More >>