The Pixel 4 Won’t Come With USB-C Earbuds or a 3.5mm Adaptor

Nobody was really happy when the phone companies decided that the headphone jack was to be made extinct, but the blow was softened by the fact they started throwing in 3.5mm adaptors and USB-C (or Lightning, if you're an iPhone user) earbuds into the box. But that trend is slowly dying off, and it seems Google is sticking to that trend for the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Pixel 4 Key Specs Leak Ahead of Official Launch Tomorrow

Another day, another dawn. The sun rises, the cock crows and more details leak on the Google Pixel 4. Where previous civilisations used such unsophisticated methods as flowing water, running sands and swinging pendulums to measure the passage of time, today we do so far more accurately by recording the seepage of information from Google. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7T Price Just Leaked, Hours Before the 7T Pro Launch Event

One of the most irritating things about the OnePlus 7T reveal was that the company flat out ignored the European and UK pricing, which is a spectacularly stupid thing to do. Instead it looked like we'd have to wait until today, when OnePlus had a separate event in London where we will presumably hear about the 7T Pro. Well, it looks like the price for the 7T and 7T Pro McLaren Edition has gone and leaked just a few hours before that event. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Looking to Reboot the iPhone 4’s Boxy Design for 2020

With the iPhone 11 likely marking the end of Apple’s current three-year design cycle, we’re due for new-look-iPhones in 2020. And if well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is correct, the next iPhone could feature a boxier design with flat stainless steel sides reminiscent of the iPhone 4. Read More >>

Leaker Claims Alexa-Powered Earbuds Are Amazon’s Next Big Device

Amazon has a product launch scheduled for later this week on Wednesday, and alongside a bunch of updated Echo speakers, recent leaks claim Amazon’s next big tech push could come in the form of Alexa-powered wireless earbuds. Read More >>

Last Minute Leak Claims Apple Has a 10.2-inch iPad Lined up for Tonight

The iPhone 11 launch is set to kick off at 6pm, but as is the way there are always last minute leaks to rear their head and spoil whatever it is Apple has planned. Today that leak is for a new iPad with a 10.2-inch screen. Read More >>

Leaks and Code Clues Suggest Google Has More Nifty Camera Features Planned for Pixel 4

While Google still hasn’t set an official date for its annual autumn product showcase, thanks to inside sources and a recent APK teardown, we may have just got a preview of some new camera features set to debut on the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Sonos’ New Bluetooth Speaker Leaks – Again

Say what you want about Sonos, the wireless speaker maker can’t keep its shit under wraps. The latest leak is its first-ever Bluetooth speaker. News of the device’s existence came earlier this month, but now there’s even more details and a name: the Sonos Move. Read More >>

Full Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs Seemingly Just Leaked

Tomorrow is the day Samsung launches the Note 10 at Galaxy Unpacked, and as is the way with all these things that means all the specs just leaked. And there are some things you aren't going to like, whether you're a Samsung fan or not. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4 Leaks Purport to Show Huge Front Bezel, Cutout for Mystery Component

Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 series smartphones will have giant bezels on the front of the device containing space for some kind of mystery component, according to images leaked on Twitter. Read More >>

We’ve Got All Your Summertime Apple Rumours Right Here

It’s hot, the summer hols are swiftly approaching and we’re still two months out from when Apple traditionally announces a new batch of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped rumours and leaks from swirling including speculation about the next AirPods, the death of a once highly touted feature, what Apple has planned for 2020, and more. So here’s a roundup of all the latest iPhone news and rumours so you can prepare for the iPhone 11's official debut later this autumn. Read More >>

Samsung, What on Earth Are You Doing?

The Galaxy Fold still hasn’t gone on sale, and yet, it seems Samsung has caught a full-on case of foldable fever because based on a number of reports and rumours, Samsung might already have as many as three more foldable phones in the works. Read More >>

RIP Samsung Galaxy Note Headphone Jack

Well folks, we may finally be at the end of the road. Read More >>

Here Are My 5 Biggest Questions About the Galaxy Note 10

According to a new report from CNET, the Galaxy Note 10 is set to launch on 7th August in New York City, which based on the 9th August launch for the Note 9 last year, seems about right. But more important than the Note 10's launch, is what Samsung has planned for its next big phone. Read More >>