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The BBC Wants Microsoft’s Help Catching the Doctor Who Leaker

Back in June a the BBC suffered a leak, with a rough cut of a scene from Doctor Who's 11th series premier hitting the net. Naturally it wasn't too happy about this development, and has already taken the matter to court in order to hunt down the leaker. Now, though, it's requesting Microsoft's help. Read More >>

Snapchat Files All-Caps DMCA Takedown After the Source Code It Leaked Hit Github

A portion of Snapchat’s source code was leaked and hosted on the code repository platform GitHub (recently acquired by Microsoft) before a copyright takedown request from Snap led the company to remove the offending leak. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Launch Date Has Been Leaked… by Google

Tech companies are very fond of keeping all their secrets close to their chest, and making sure they don't end up in public before the time is right. Except they're not very good at that job, and often the biggest leaks come from internal sources rather than some third party affiliate. Case in point, Google is the company responsible for leaking the day it'll announce the Pixel 3. Read More >>

Pixel 3 XL Specs Allegedly Leak via Geekbench

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is out next week, so it's about time we started moving onto worrying about the other big phones that are arriving in the coming months. One of them is, of course, Google's Pixel 3 and its XL brother. We've heard bits and pieces about the phone already, notches and all, but now the specs for the XL variant have supposedly leaked online. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 9 Leaks are so Popular, Even Samsung’s Doing It

Six days. That's how long you'll have to wait if you want to stop hearing about Galaxy Note 9 leaks. The phone's due to be announced on 9th August (next Thursday), but the leaks get more and more detailed. The latest one to hit the net comes from a very unlikely source: Samsung. It seems that leaking is such a cool and popular activity the company just can't help itself. Read More >>

Hands-on Video Leak Gives us a Very Bad Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you like phone leaks, Samsung, and watching terribly recorded vertical videos, boy do I have some good news for you. A hands-on video has leaked showing off what appears to be Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, but the sad news is that it's a shit video. Not only is the quality bad, whichever dumbass recorded it decided vertical filming was the way to go. Read More >>

Reddit Hacked, Some User Data Stolen

According to chief technology officer Christopher Slowe, Reddit suffered a data breach at the hands of a hacker or a group of hackers between June 14th and June 18th. Veteran users of the “frontpage of the internet” should consider securing their accounts. Read More >>

Unannounced DJI Drones Leak, Thanks to the Argos Catalogue of All Things

There are lots of ways technology leaks make themselves public. Often it's thanks to supply chain images making its way to social media, or retailers who accidentally reveal information a bit too early. Those retailers are usually specific to one kind of gadget, like a phone shop, and not Argos - a shop that sells just about everything. But here we are, DJI's Mavic 2 Pro Drone and Mavic 2 Zoom just leaked, and it's all thanks to an early images included in the Argos catalogue. Read More >>

Google’s ‘Pixel Stand’ Could Turn Your Pixel Into a Google Home

Google and Amazon are in a constant war to try and one-up each other in the smart speaker market, releasing speakers, mini speakers, those devices with screens hat everyone calls speakers, and so on. Now following Amazon's announcing Show Mode and the Show Mode dock, which turns a Fire tablet into an Echo Show of sorts, a leak claims Google is working on something similar called the 'Pixel Stand'. Read More >>

Leak Suggests the Galaxy Note 9 Won’t be as Overpriced as Feared

It's still about a week and a half until Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 9 and tells us exactly what it will have and how much it will cost. But since we've heard just about everything there is to know about the phone, we only need to know how much it costs to make the picture complete. The latest leak suggests it may not be as bad as some had suggested. Read More >>

A Bunch of Galaxy Note 9 Renders Leaked, Showing off the S-Pen and New Cases

It's less than two weeks until Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 9, and as ever the leaks still keep coming. In fact they're even including proper renders of the phone's accessories, though it's not clear if its just because they're suddenly more readily available or if leakers are scrambling to get everything out before the big day. Either way the latest batch shows off the new and upgraded S-Pen, alongside some of the official cases that will be available. Read More >>

doctor who
New Image Leaks Give us Our First Look at Doctor Who’s New Tardis

We don't know exactly when the 11th series of Doctor Who is set to arrive, other than the BBC's typically vague "autumn 2018". We've had our first proper non-leaked look at the series thanks to San Diego Comic Con, but there's still a lot we don't know yet. Things like what the Doctor's new Tardis looks like, because the 12th Doctor's regeneration caused it to blow up. Again. Read More >>

The Latest Galaxy Watch Leak Came From Samsung Itself

We've heard bits and pieces about the next Samsung smartwatch over the past several weeks, including word that the company is ditching the 'Gear' moniker in favour of 'Galaxy Watch'. Because that's the same name as the phones, and businesses are all about brand synergy. Now that last little fact seems to have been confirmed, after Samsung accidentally revealed the new watch on its own website. Read More >>

Leaked Poster Shows Off a Blue Galaxy Note 9 and Yellow S-Pen

So far we've seen from the official teaser video that the one of the Galaxy Note 9 models will come with a yellow/gold S-Pen, while regulatory filings supposedly revealed a number of colours the phone may come in. Now the latest leak is some sort of official poster, revealing a blue Note 9 ad yellow S-Pen. Read More >>

The Latest Very Unsurprising Galaxy Note 9 Rumour Says it’s Quite Similar to the Galaxy S9 Plus

All the leaks we've seen about the Galaxy Note 9 has been pretty standard of the phone development cycle. It's different, but not too different, from its predecessor, even coming bundled with the same sort of design as the Note 8. Well now there's been another leak and it points to a phone that isn't all that different to the last big phone Samsung made - the Galaxy S9 Plus. Read More >>