2016 Will Gain an Extra Second on New Year’s Eve

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), which sets the time which standardises the world’s clocks, just announced that it is tacking an extra second on to the end of 2016. What will you do with yours? Read More >>

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Why Leap Seconds Confuse Computers

On tuesday, time on Earth had a leap second. The planet’s computer systems survived unscathed, thanks to months of careful preparation by engineers. But here’s a concise explanation of why, left to their own devices, a collection of very expensive computers could’ve thrown a hissy fit. Read More >>

How Will You Use Your Leap Second Today?

Today, something interesting is happened. We're having an extra second added to the day, because of something to do with science and time and how the world's not the fast-spinning youth it once was. Read More >>